Tokimeki Tonight Creator Draws 40-Year-Old Ranze for Skincare Ads

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Manga creator Koi Ikeno revisited her heroine from the classic supernatural romance Tokimeki Tonight for a series of skincare ads. Ranze, now age 40 but looking as young as ever, is the model for the ∴M4 skincare line. Ikeno's art also appears on select products including a mirror, stationary set, and tote bag. The items are available exclusively to customers that subscribe to three skincare product shipments.

The ∴M4 subscription site will accept applicants until January 22, 2020. Ikeno included a comment to her readers with the collaboration image.

Thank you for your love for Ranze and crying and laughing together with her. This is a very nice project where everyone who have grown up with Ranze and a grown-up Ranze can meet again! I'm also happy to receive this unexpected opportunity at the time of my own debut's 40th anniversary. I hope everyone's skin will get even more 'tokimeki' and moisture.

The original Tokimeki Tonight manga initially ran from 1982 to 1994, and the Tokimeki Tonight - Hoshi no Yukue final arc ran in Shueisha's shōjo manga magazine Ribon from 1998 to 1999. The Tokimeki Midnight alternate retelling manga debuted in 2002. An eight-chapter manga titled Tokimeki Tonight - Makabe Shun no Jijō, which tells the story from Makabe's point of view, debuted in 2013, followed by a one-shot titled "Tokimeki Tonight - Makabe Shun no Jijō+" in 2015. Ikeno also drew a one-volume prequel, Tokimeki Tonight: Etō Mōri no Kakeochi, which Shueisha published as a graphic novel in 2015. Ikeno drew the "Tokimeki Tonight ~Makabe Shun Fusai no Honeymoon" (Mr. and Mrs. Shun Makabe's Honeymoon) one-shot that debuted in January 2018.

Last year's December issue and this year's January issue of of Shueisha's Cookie magazine included a new two-chapter Tokimeki Tonight manga short titled "Tokimeki Tonight ~Makabe-ke no Kikyō" (The Makabe Family's Homecoming). The story focused on the story leading up to the birth of Ranze and Makabe's son Taku.

The manga spans three generations of the Etou family. The first part is about Ranze, a relatively normal high school girl, except for the fact that her father is a vampire, her mother is a werewolf, and that she has magical powers of her own. Her family was banished from the Magic World to live among the humans, and they now guard the gate between the two realms. The story really begins when Ranze falls for a human boy, which her parents strictly forbid. Later story arcs focus on Ranze's brother and on Ranze's daughter.

The original Tokimeki Tonight manga received a television anime adaptation in 1982.

Source: Comic Natalie

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