Trigger Pulls the Trigger, 1st 60 Seconds of TRIGGER Music Video Released

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Bandai Namco Entertainment's popular IDOLiSH7 idol mobile game and multimedia franchise has four new animated music videos in the works. One of the music videos is for the in-game idol group TRIGGER for the trio's new single "Crescent rise." The animation studio behind the music video is none other than Trigger, the studio behind Kill la Kill and Promare.

The video marks the first Idolish 7 collaboration for the Trigger anime studio. The idol Trigger trio consists of Gaku Yaotome (Wataru Hatano), Tenn Kujo (Sōma Saitō), and Ryunosuke Tsunashi (Takuya Satou). The group's music video for the track "Leopard Eyes" was animated by NAZ, "DAYBREAK INTERLUDE" was animated by Bones, and "DIAMOND FUSION" was animated by Kamikaze Douga.

"Crescent rise" will be the final of four new singles set for release in Janaury. IDOLiSH7 will two new songs on the still untitled single on January 8. The single will include the song "Hatsukoirizumu." ŹOOĻ will their new single on January 15 and it will include a new song and "ZONE OF OVERLAP." Re:vale's single is set for release on January 22 with two new tracks and the song "Eien sei Riron." Finally, TRIGGER's new single will include "Crescent Rise" and an additional new track when it is released on January 29.

The remaining music videos will be animated by different studios. Studio ufotable is handling the ŹOOĻ video, Troyca will animate Re:vale's music video, and the IDOLiSH7 will be animated by Land of the Lustrous studio orange.

The CDs' new songs are featured in Part 4 of the IDOLiSH7 idol mobile game.

The second season of the IDOLiSH7 television anime by anime studio TROYCA is in the works and will premiere next year. The first season premiered in January and the spin-off net anime Idolish7 Vibrato streamed beginning in February.

Source: IDOLiSH7 via Nijimen

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