IDOLiSH 7 Mobile Game's Next 'Part' Teased in Promo Video

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The official YouTube account for Bandai Namco Entertainment's popular IDOLiSH 7 idol mobile game began streaming a promotional video for the game's next part on Sunday. Part four's first three chapters will launch in the game on February 20 and will introduce new characters.

The game's idol groups currently include Id0lish 7, Trigger, Re:vale, and ŹOOĻ. New music videos for each group are currently in the works by different animation studios. Studio ufotable is handling the ŹOOĻ video, Troyca will animate Re:vale's music video,Trigger is taking on Trigger, and Land of the Lustrous studio orange will animate IDOLiSH 7's music video.

The franchise's official website announced new live concerts for the groups set to kick off on July 6 at the MetLife Dome in Tokorozawa, Saitama.

The IDOLiSH 7 group is made up of characters Riku Nanase (Kensho Ono), Sōgo Ōsaka (Atsushi Abe), Tamaki Yotsuba (Kenn), Nagi Rokuya (Takuya Eguchi), Iori Izumi (Toshiki Masuda ), Mitsuki Izumi (Tsubasa Yonaga), and Yamato Nikaidō (Yusuke Shirai).

The second season of the IDOLiSH7 television anime by anime studio TROYCA is in the works. The first season premiered in January 2018 and the spin-off net anime Idolish7 Vibrato streamed beginning in February 2018.

Source: Idolish 7 Twitter account via Nijimen

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