Drifting Dragon's Tomoaki Maeno Cooks Up Real Food in Web Series

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Polygon Pictures's Drifting Dragons fantasy cooking series is currently in Netflix Jail but one member of the series' cast will have a great time figuring out how to cook dragons. Well, not real dragons. Voice actor Tomoaki Maeno will join third-generation chef Hiroshi Modegi for the web cooking series MIKA'S Kitchen. Chef Modegi and Maeno will attempt to recreate the recipes that appear in the anime, sans mystical meat.

One of the recipes seen in the series' manga include dragon tail sandwich with vodka pan sauce and several blogs and podcasts have recreated the recipe by substituting the tail with steak. You'll have to tune into the show to see what Chef Modegi and Maeno cook up first. The web series will include 12 episodes released each week on Twitter and YouTube. The first episode will premiere on Wednesday.

Chef Modegi previously recreated anime food with Junichi Suwabe and Makoto Yasumura for the Restaurant to Another World home video releases. His restaurant Taimeiken is a Western-style, similar to the pub in Restaurant to Another World.

Kodansha Comics began releasing the Drifting Dragons manga series digitally in December 2017, and released the fifth volume digitally on December 3. The first volume shipped in print on December 17. The company describes the series:

The draking vessel Quin Zaza soars through the skies, hunting dragons that hide in the clouds. A single big catch means full coffers and all the meat they can eat, while failure means an empty wallet and an even emptier stomach. Join us as we log the crew's grand adventures, chasing dreams of the sky, dragons, and gourmet cooking!

Kuwabara launched the manga in Kodansha's Good! Afternoon magazine in June 2016, and Kodansha published the manga's seventh compiled volume on November 7.

A serialized novel in the franchise debuted in the Da Vinci magazine in May 2019. The novel focuses on Vanabelle and other original female characters. Kuwabara is drawing illustrations for the novel.

Source: Comic Natalie

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