Trigger Heroes Team Up in BNA: Brand New Animal, Promare Crossover Visual

posted on by Kim Morrissy

The BNA: Brand New Animal television anime released a crossover image with the anime film Promare on its website on Monday. Both titles are original works created at Trigger.

The collaboration image was drawn by Promare character designer Shigeto Koyama, and shows BNA: Brand New Animal characters Michiru and Shirou standing back-to-back in the foreground, while Promare characters Galo and Lio approach from a motorcycle in the background.

The website also released an interview with Promare director Hiroyuki Imaishi, BNA director Yoh Yoshinari, and Kazuki Nakashima, who was the main writer on both projects. They brought up the fact that Imaishi contributed actions storyboards to BNA. Imaishi said that he joined the production of BNA as a way of apologizing for the fact that Promare's production time went overtime and bled into BNA's schedule. However, since he ended up doing a lot of action parts, he ended up enjoying his work a lot. Imaishi and Yoshinari both said they particularly enjoyed episode 5 of BNA, which Imaishi drew storyboards for.

Promare opened in 200 theaters in Japan on May 24 last year. Netflix will stream BNA in the United States on June 30.

Sources: BNA: Brand New Animal official website, Anime! Anime!

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