Fate/Grand Order Newspaper Ads Get Award

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48 types of ad were published across 52 newspapers from May 4 to July 20

A few months ago, the Fate/Grand Order smartphone game released full-page newspaper ads in regional newspapers around Japan to celebrate the service's 5th anniversary. The quality of these ads have been officially acknowledged by the Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association, which announced the results of its 40th Newspaper Advertisement Awards on Wednesday. Fate/Grand Order's "under the same sky" newspaper ad project was one of five ad campaigns that won a "New Newspaper Advertisement Award."

The judges wrote that the reason they chose the ad for the award was because it was successful on multiple levels. The ads, which depict the game's characters in tourist spots across all of Japan's 47 prefectures, caused a big stir on social media at the time. Not only did the newspapers sell well, the tourist spots also reported an increase in inquiries. The judges praised the quality of the ads and also how they proved the strength of a newspaper's reach.

48 types of ad were published across 52 newspapers from May 4 to July 20. Each color ad was unique and focused on a different character from the game.

The grand prize winner of the 40th Newspaper Advertisement Awards was OUTSOURCING Inc.'s "Aenakutemo, Isshō Dōki" (Even If We Can't Meet, We're Together For Life) which was aimed at new company recruits starting work during the era of social distancing.

Aniplex released the Fate/Grand Order smartphone game in Japan in summer 2015. The game received an English release in the United States and Canada in June 2017.

The game has inspired various anime adaptations. Fate/Grand Order Shinsei Entaku Ryōiki Camelot: Wandering: Agateram, the first film in a two-part project, will open on December 5. The game is also inspiring the upcoming Fate/Grand Order Final Singularity - Grand Temple of Time: Solomon (Fate/Grand Order -Kyūshoku Tokuiten Kani Jikan Shinden Solomon-) anime.

Sources: Asahi Shimbun, Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association official website via Livedoor News, Otakomu

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