Madman National Cosplay Championship Grand Finalist Interview - Min

by Mark Sombillo,

Occuring on the 14th of November, the Madman National Cosplay Championship is showcasing the best of best in the world of cosplay from around Australia. Going from state to state, five very awesome cosplayers are out to proclaim that they have what it takes to be crowned champion. To that end, ANN|AU has taken a moment of the cosplayer's time so we can all get to know them a bit better. Our last interview is the winner from WA, Min.

ANN|AU: So for starters I guess we just want a bit of a background about you. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your cosplay history?

Min: I started out in 2002 and my first cosplay was Sango from Inuyasha. I debuted at a local anime club in WA called JAFWA. For the cosplay that got me into the championship I wore Ashtaroshe Aran - from Trinity Blood 4) I wore Ashtaroshe Aran - from Trinity Blood

ANN|AU: That's cool! Wow, 2002... I guess comparing to the other cosplayers, this makes you a veteran. Do you think you've improved a lot since your first cosplay?

Min: Yeah I kind of feel old compared to them but it's been a long time... Yeah I mean I'm a self taught seamstress so I guess with every costume I make since 2002 there's plenty I've learned since then and there's plenty more for me to improve on even now.

ANN|AU: So how do you feel about your oldest cosplays? Do you think back and go, "wow, there are so many things I could have done better with that costume"?

Min: ...Yeah pretty much...but I only had so much skills then although I do plan to re-do a costume I wore to Manifest in 2003 (DNAngel - Dark) but maybe next year.

ANN|AU: Speaking of Manifest, you went there this year, didn't you?

Min: Yeah I did and the previous year as well.

ANN|AU: Yeah, I saw you in the cosplay that won you into the Madman National Cosplay Championship and I thought it was so impressive.

Min: Aww thank you.

ANN|AU: It was so detailed, but at the same time, I've also seen your other cosplays in DA and I was a bit surprised that so many of your other cosplays were actually crossplays. So, do you prefer to do male characters for your costumes?

Min: Most of the time I prefer to but I'm trying to branch out an do more females. I tend to pick the girls who are more tomboys most of the time - that is not in dress sense but character wise.

ANN|AU: I'm not familiar with the character you wore to Manifest... that was female, yeah?

Min: Yeah it was a girl... Umm have you seen trinity blood or read the manga? It's pretty good and the art is very detailed.

ANN|AU: Unfortunately no... Going back to how detailed that costume was, how much did that all cost you to make and how long?

Min: How much more like a bomb.....I would estimate her around $500 mark or more and it took me around a month and a half to make.

ANN|AU: That's impressive. And how much did it cost to make your first cosplay?

Min: My first one, haha, umm $50. It's like more then quadrupled the price. Then again I wasn't working and hard no money!

ANN|AU: I'm almost glad I gave up cosplaying before I became too obsessed and put lots of money to it too.

Min: I always think to myself - you know if I didn't cosplay I would be pretty rich. But oh well; can't help the "expensive" hobby.

ANN|AU: Well, it's all worth it though, they're all fantastic. Moving on to another question, do you have a favourite cosplay that you've seen others do or another fellow cosplayer that you admire?

Min: I would have to say anything mecha....I mean I would love to attempt one, one day, like that Gundam that was at Manifest *mind blowing*

ANN|AU: It was indeed. So do you cosplay even when you aren't going to a convention?

Min: I do if I have a photo shoot to go to but other than cons I don't make costumes. Haha, needs a break away from the machine.

ANN|AU: Fair enough. Speaking of photo shoots, do you often get asked for them?

Min: Not really actually...the photo shoot depends on whether I've done the same series with anyone of my other friends but recently I've done different costume from them so yeah not many. I think the most recent one I went for was for Kuroshitsuji.

ANN|AU: Personally, what is it about cosplays that makes you keep coming back? Is it the challenge, or the fans, or winning at conventions?

Min: Mainly it is a challenge for me...and I love craftwork and art as well so yeah that makes me keep coming back for more.

ANN|AU: Awesome. Ok, final question, do you have a secret weapon for winning the Madman National Cosplay Championship... or are you aiming to just do the best and be the best that you can?

Min: Nope, no secret weapon. Whatever happens on that day happens and I've known I've already tried my best...I'll be satisfied any other way...just want to have fun.

ANN|AU: Hehe, I give that the thumbs up. Thanks so much for giving me a bit of your time tonight. Wish you all the best for the competition and we'll see you in Melbourne.

Min: Yeah no problems. I'll catch up with you there.

ANN|AU: Yeay, I'll say hi!

ANN|AU wishes to thank Min for her time and to the team at Madman entertainment for being so cooperative. I personally just want to thank all of the finalists for giving me a moment of their time and it was definitely a pleasure bringing you all to the attention of the eager fans out there - Mark Sombillo.

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