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Mobile Suit Gundam - Streaming Series Guide

To celebrate the release of Gundam Unicorn, for the next several months Anime News Network and Sunrise will be presenting some of the most well-loved parts of the Gundam franchise for online streaming! If you're new to the Gundam universe, here's a quick guide to what's available now.

Mobile Suit Z Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny

Streaming February 1 - April 22

© SOTSU, SUNRISE. Television series, 50 episodes. Aired in Japan: 1985 to 1986

Main Staff: Presented by Sunrise, Inc. Created by: Hajime Yatate, Yoshiyuki Tomino. Character Designer: Yoshikazu Yasuhiko. Mecha Designer: Kunio Okawara, Kazumi Fujita. Design Works: Mamoru Nagano. Mechanical Animation Director: Yorihisa Uchida. Art Designer: Junichi Higashi. Produced by SUNRISE, SOTSU, NAGOYA TV. Director: Yoshiyuki Tomino. English Adaptation Produced by SUNRISE INC., BANDAI ENTERTAINMENT.

U.C. 0087. Seven years after the end of the One Year War, the people of the space colonies continue to demand freedom and justice from the corrupt Earth Federation - demands that the Federation's elite Titans taskforce suppresses with cruel violence. Now a rebel force called the AEUG is about to strike back against the tyranny of the Titans.

When the AEUG launches an attack on the Titan headquarters, the political conflict escalates into a civil war. And a young civilian named Kamille Bidan, swept up in the conflict, becomes the Gundam pilot of this new era...

Current DVD releases:

Episode Synopsis

Episode 1: The Black Gundam
A mysterious mobile suit infiltrates the space colony known as Gryps, headquarters of the dreaded Titans. Its pilot is Char Aznable, the infamous Red Comet, who now fights for the rebel AEUG group under the alias Quattro Bajeena. After confirming that the Titans are developing a new Gundam mobile suit, Char rejoins his teammates at the civilian colony Green Noa 1, where more of the new Gundams are being tested, and signals the AEUG flagship to begin its attack.

Episode 2: Departure
Char's team breaks into Green Noa 1 and begins a running battle with Federation Forces mobile suits. During the confusion, a young civilian named Kamille Bidan escapes from the Titans' custody and commandeers one of the new Gundam Mark II units. Out of hatred for the Titans, Kamille helps the AEUG capture a second Gundam and then joins the rebels in their escape from Green Noa 1.

Episode 3: Inside the Capsule
Char and Kamille return to the AEUG flagship Argama with the captured Gundams. Meanwhile, the Titans dispatch the warship Alexandria, as well as reinforcements from the regular Federation Forces, to pursue the rebels. Titan pilot Emma Sheen is sent to the Argama to deliver a message from her commander Bask Om, but she is as shocked as the AEUG when the nature of Bask's ultimatum is revealed.

Episode 4: Emma's Decision
After Kamille fails to rescue his mother from the Titans, the AEUG are forced to hand him and the captured Gundams over to the enemy. But Emma, horrified by the actions of her commanders, decides to defect to the AEUG. With Kamille, his father, and all three Gundams in tow, she makes a desperate attempt to escape to the Argama.

Episode 5: Father and Son
With all three Gundams now in their hands, the AEUG begin breaking the machines down for research and spare parts. In the middle of this, Kamille's father steals one of the AEUG's own mobile suits and sets off for the Alexandria, hoping to regain the favor of the Titans' leaders. The AEUG and Titan ships begin a pitched battle as Kamille and his father confront one another.

Epsiode 6: To Earth
The Argama descends into Earth orbit to send AEUG agent Reccoa Londe on a reconnaissance mission to the planet's surface. To distract the Titans, Char leads a diversionary attack on a solar power satellite. Meanwhile, after being repeatedly humiliated in battle with Kamille, the Titan pilot Jerid Messa seeks guidance from Federation Forces ace Lila Milla Rira.

Episode 7: Escape from Side One
The AEUG offer Kamille a position in their ranks, but he is reluctant to become a soldier. To help Kamille and Emma understand the AEUG's motives for fighting the Titans, Char leads them into the abandoned Colony 30 at Side 1, whose inhabitants were massacred by the Titans. When they encounter Lila inside this massive graveyard, Kamille must fight a fatal duel against the Federation Forces ace.

Episode 8: The Dark Side of the Moon
The Argama reaches the moon, with the Alexandria still in hot pursuit. Jerid launches on his own to seek revenge for Lila, but Kamille is able to fend him off, and the Argama finds safe harbor at the lunar city of Amman. Here the AEUG officers meet with their sponsors to discuss their next major operation--an attack on the Federation Forces stronghold of Jaburo.

Episode 9: A New Bond
The AEUG mobile suit pilots carry out a daring raid on the lunar city of Granada, hoping to capture the Titan and Federation Forces warships that are docked there. But when the Titans attack the vulnerable Argama, Kamille must rush back to help Emma defend the ship. And on Earth, Reccoa and her new ally make a disturbing discovery as they spy on the Jaburo base.

Episode 10: Reunion
Having successfully captured several ships at Granada, the AEUG launches its new fleet to carry out the Jaburo operation. As the Argama leaves the moon, its crew see a space shuttle under attack by a mysterious mobile armor. Char and Kamille rescue the shuttle's passengers, and find a couple of familiar faces among them.

Episode 11: Enterning the Atmosphere
The Argama, now commanded by former White Base captain Bright Noa, joins the AEUG fleet to launch an orbital attack on the Federation Forces' Jaburo base. But as the AEUG mobile suits prepare to descend to Earth, the fleet suffers a surprise attack by Paptimus Scirocco, the pilot of the mysterious mobile armor that attacked Bright's shuttle. And as the AEUG forces enter the atmosphere, Jerid and his Titan comrades join the fray as well.

Episode 12: The Winds of Jaburo
The AEUG mobile suits descend to Jaburo and fight their way into the underground base, easily overcoming the unexpectedly light resistance of the Federation Forces. Inside the base, Kamille faces off against a vengeful Jerid and attempts to locate the captive Reccoa. Meanwhile, the AEUG pilots learn that they have walked into a lethal trap, and must now race against time to escape from Jaburo.

Episode 13: Shuttle Launch
The AEUG pilots have escaped from Jaburo and joined forces with Hayato Kobayashi, a leader of the Karaba resistance group which fights the Titans on Earth. Hayato leads them to the Kennedy Spaceport, whose shuttles will send the AEUG pilots back to space. As the launch countdown begins, Char and Kamille struggle to protect their comrades from a Federation pursuit force led by Buran Blutarch.

Episode 14: Amuro Flies Again
Char and Kamille, left behind on Earth, join their Karaba allies aboard the transport plane Audhumla and set off for Karaba's Hickory base. Buran's forces continue their pursuit, with the help of reinforcements from the Federation's Newtype Labs. And Amuro Ray, the former war hero and Gundam pilot, escapes from his government caretakers with the help of young Katz Kobayashi and comes to join the rebel cause.

Episode 15: Katz's Sortie
Karaba agent Beltorchika Irma arrives aboard the Audhumla to guide it to Hickory, and she is immediately fascinated by the famous Amuro Ray. But even though Amuro has regained his freedom, he still lacks the will to fight, and Katz is disappointed by his hero's hesitation. When the Audhumla is attacked by the Cyber-Newtype Rosamia Badam, Katz steals the Gundam Mark II and attempts to defeat the enemy himself.

Episode 16: Through the Haze of Darkness
The Audhumla reaches Hickory and the Karaba members prepare to send Char and Kamille back to space. As Buran begins another attack on the rebels, Amuro enters combat to buy time for the shuttle launch. Kamille leaves the shuttle to help Amuro, and the former and current Gundam pilots find themselves fighting side by side to ensure that Char returns to space.

Episode 17: Hong Kong City
After crossing the Pacific, the Audhumla stops at Hong Kong City for resupply. But the rebels are still being pursued by Buran's forces, now commanded by his aide Ben Wooder. The Federation's Murasame Newtype Lab, responding to Wooder's request for reinforcements, dispatches the Cyber-Newtype Four Murasame and the immense Psyco Gundam to attack the city.

Episode 18: Mirai Captured
The former Mirai Yashima, now Bright Noa's wife, has brought her children to Hong Kong City in hopes of taking them into space. But her reunion with Amuro now puts her family in danger, as Wooder takes Mirai and her children hostage in an attempt to capture the Audhumla. Meanwhile, Kamille encounters Four in person, and the two enemies experience a powerful mutual attraction.

Episode 19: Cinderella Four
Ordered to depart Hong Kong City, the Audhumla makes its preparations for departure. As the midnight deadline looms, Kamille and Four enjoy their last few hours together, but their romance is interrupted as Wooder launches a brutal attack on the city. Four returns to the Psyco Gundam's cockpit, and she and Kamille face each other in battle once again.

Episode 20: The Heated Escape
The Audhumla resumes its journey and sets off to attack the Titans' New Guinea base. Desperate to stop the rebels, Wooder once again dispatches Four and the Psyco Gundam, and prepares to ram his own transport plane into the Audhumla. In the midst of battle, Kamille makes one last attempt to reach Four and tell her of his true feelings.

Episode 21: A Sign of Zeta
Kamille returns to space and rejoins the Argama crew, but his experiences on Earth have left him shaken and heartsick. Meanwhile, the enigmatic Paptimus Scirocco joins forces with the Titans and is placed in command of their flagship Dogosse Gier. Also under Scirocco's command are Jerid Messa and his new partner Mouar Pharaoh, and Kamille finds himself in deadly peril when Jerid and Mouar attack with their powerful new transformable mobile suits.

Episode 22: The Eyes of Scirocco
Jerid is assigned to lead a pair of Titan pilot cadets on a training flight. When he discovers Reccoa Londe transporting new machines to the Argama, he impulsively launches an attack. As Kamille comes to the rescue in his new Zeta Gundam, and Titan cadet Sarah Zabiarov experiences the terror of combat for the first time, Scirocco quietly observes the battle from the bridge of the Dogosse Gier.

Episode 23: Moon Attack
The Titans launch Operation Apollo, whose goal is the capture of the lunar city of Von Braun, and Scirocco dispatches Jerid to divert the AEUG's attention while the Titan fleet begins its attack. The AEUG pilots fight valiantly but are unable to stop the Dogosse Gier from breaking through into Von Braun's airspace, and they sense the power of Scirocco's presence as the Titan flagship descends into the city.

Episode 24: Counterattack
Kamille sneaks into the occupied Von Braun City to gather intelligence, only to run into Jerid and Mouar. As the AEUG forces attempt to recapture the city from the Titans, the fighting spreads into Von Braun's interior, and Kamille and his enemies take refuge inside the city's shelters. Meanwhile, Char travels to Earth with AEUG leader Blex Forer to attend a meeting of the Federation Assembly, with tragic results.

Episode 25: Colony Drop
Titan officer Jamaican Daninghan plans to drop an abandoned space colony onto the lunar city of Granada, one of the AEUG's main strongholds. However, his rival Scirocco sends Sarah Zabiarov to warn the AEUG, and the Argama rushes to stop the colony drop. Sarah, now a captive aboard the Argama, plays a cruel trick on the young AEUG member Katz Kobayashi in order to make her escape.

Episode 26: The Ghost of Zeon
After the failure of Jamaican's colony drop, the ferocious Titan pilot Yazan Gable launches his own attack on the AEUG. As Emma and Katz battle Yazan's forces, they stumble across the wreckage of one of the Principality of Zeon's old battleships, which becomes the scene of a duel between Yazan and Kamille. His mobile suit damaged, Yazan retreats to the Alexandria, but he has one more surprise in store.

Episode 27: Rendezvous with Char
The Argama and Radish descend into Earth orbit to collect Char as he returns from Earth, but the Alexandria is once again in hot pursuit. Yazan's mobile suit forces attack the AEUG warships, while Jerid, Mouar, and Sarah prepare a trap for the Zeta Gundam. As Char's shuttle arrives in orbit to rendezvous with the Argama, Sarah targets the Zeta with a powerful mega launcher.

Episode 28: Jupitris Infiltration
After the completion of Operation Apollo, Paptimus Scirocco has returned to his own ship, the interplanetary helium carrier Jupitris. The AEUG sends Reccoa to infiltrate the ship and gather information, with Kamille following in the Zeta Gundam to provide backup. While Reccoa boards the Jupitris and meets the mysterious Scirocco in person, Sarah Zabiarov spots Kamille waiting outside and engages him in combat.

Episode 29: Crisis at Side Two
The Titans launch a new offensive against the space colonies of Side 2, where the AEUG enjoys strong support. Side 2's civilian leaders attempt to surrender, but the Titans are intent on carrying out a poison gas attack to teach the rebellious colonies a lesson, and the Argama and its mobile suits are the only ones who can save millions of innocent people from being massacred at the Titans' hands.

Episode 30: Jerid's Desperate Attack
In an attempt to destroy the Argama, the Alexandria uses Yazan's forces to drive the AEUG warship into a ruined space colony, where Jerid and Mouar are waiting in ambush. Kamille rushes back to protect the Argama and begins a fierce duel with Jerid. But Mouar, who has sworn to protect her partner, won't let him fall before the power of the Zeta Gundam.

Episode 31: Half Moon Love
The asteroid Axis and its army of Zeon renegades are returning to the Earth Sphere, and the AEUG hopes to enlist their help in the struggle against the Titans. Before contacting the Axis forces, the Argama docks at the lunar city of Von Braun for repair and resupply. But when Kamille runs into Sarah Zabiarov in Von Braun City, he learns that the Argama is in deadly danger from the bomb she has planted at the city's spaceport.

Episode 32: Unidentified Mobile Suits
Forced to leave Von Braun City before completing its repairs, the Argama sets off on its diplomatic mission, only to find that the Titan flagship Dogosse Gier is also on its way to meet the Axis forces. With the AEUG's sponsors determined to contact Axis first, Char and Reccoa attempt a daring preemptive strike on the enemy ship. As the fighting intensifies, a new power enters the battlefield.

Episode 33: The Messenger from Axis
Bright, Char, and Kamille join an AEUG delegation to the Axis warship Gwadan. Here they meet Mineva Lao Zabi, the child leader of the Axis forces. Char is outraged to discover that Mineva is being used as a puppet by her regent Haman Karn, and the negotiations quickly collapse. As the AEUG members make their escape from the Gwadan, Paptimus Scirocco sees an opportunity to establish his own alliance with Axis.

Episode 34: The Call of Darkness
Despite the Argama's desperate need for repairs, the AEUG ships are ordered to continue their pursuit of the Gwadan and Dogosse Gier. Meanwhile, Reccoa is recovering from the injury she sustained while protecting Char, but she is frustrated by his callous attitude. When Yazan Gable launches an attack on the AEUG ships, Reccoa ignores Char's warnings and joins the battle, convinced that somebody is calling to her from the darkness of space.

Episode 35: Storm over Kilimanjaro
The AEUG's Karaba allies are staging an assault on a Titan base at Mount Kilimanjaro. The Argama descends into satellite orbit to support the operation, and Char and Kamille accidentally fall into Earth's atmosphere and find themselves in the middle of the battle. Kamille is astonished to see the Psyco Gundam enter the fray, and when he and Char infiltrate the Kilimanjaro base, they discover that its pilot Four Murasame is very much alive.

Episode 36: Forever Four
Returning alone to the Kilimanjaro base, Kamille is finally reunited with Four Murasame. But Kamille's old enemy Jerid Messa is also at the base, and when he recognizes Kamille the pair are forced to flee for their lives. The Karaba forces resume their attack, and Four undergoes a dramatic personality shift, turning before Kamille's eyes into an emotionless fighting machine. As Kamille struggles to reason with her, Jerid intervenes with tragic results.

Episode 37: The Day of Dakar
Char and Kamille travel with their Karaba allies to the Earth Federation capital at Dakar. Here they take control of the Federation assembly so that Char can deliver a speech denouncing the evils of the Titans. Jerid and his comrades attempt to destroy Dakar's communications center in order to stop the broadcast, but their actions serve to turn both the politicians and the public against the Titans.

Episode 38: Reccoa's Shadow
Char and Kamille launch into orbit aboard a space shuttle to rejoin the Argama. They arrive to find the Argama under attack by the Alexandria and its mobile suits. Char targets the enemy ship with his mega bazooka launcher, but the Alexandria withdraws from the firing line just in time. Kamille senses a familiar presence aboard the Alexandria, but he can't bring himself to believe that Reccoa is still alive.

Episode 39: By the Lake
The Argama docks at Side 2's Colony 13, a neutral sightseeing colony, for another round of repairs. Kamille and Fa enter the colony to enjoy some leisure time, only to encounter a young woman named Rosammy who insists that Kamille is her long-lost brother, as well as a vacationing Mineva Zabi. Char discovers that the Titans have stationed snipers inside the colony's agricultural modules, and the ensuing fighting soon spills over into the colony itself.

Episode 40: Activation of Gryps
Rosammy joins Kamille aboard the Argama, but the other AEUG members are suspicious of this strange young woman, and suspect she may be one of the Titans' Cyber-Newtypes. Meanwhile, the AEUG learn that the Titans have converted the space colony Gryps 2 into a giant laser cannon. Kamille is dispatched on a reconnaissance mission to confirm these reports, only to find himself confronting a dear friend who has now joined forces with the enemy.

Episode 41: Awakening
Titan commander Bask Om launches a poison gas attack against the space colonies of Side 2, assigning Reccoa Londe to command the operation as a test of her loyalty. The Argama rushes to the rescue, but its mobile suits arrive too late to save the target colony. And when Rosammy enters the fray to help Kamille, the stress of battle and the shock of seeing the attack's victims cause her to reawaken as the Cyber-Newtype Rosamia Badam.

Episode 42: Goodbye, Rosammy
The Titans are moving their Gryps 2 colony laser into position to fire on the lunar city of Granada. In order to divert the AEUG from this threat, Bask begins another attack on Side 2. Rosamia, who has now returned to the Titans, joins the battle in a powerful new mobile armor. Kamille tries to reason with her, only to find that she is no longer the Rosammy he once knew.

Episode 43: Haman's Victory
Desperate to save Granada from the colony laser, the AEUG's sponsors send the Argama to negotiate an alliance with the Axis forces. Axis leader Haman Karn accepts the AEUG proposal and agrees to betray the Titans. As the Argama and Radish launch a diversionary attack on the Titan fleet that surrounds Gryps 2, the Axis flagship moves into position to attack the colony laser. But can they trust Haman to keep her word?

Episode 44: The Gate of Zedan
Haman travels to the Gate of Zedan, the asteroid fortress that serves as the Titans' greatest stronghold, to meet with Titan leader Jamitov Hymem. Their discussions soon break down, and Haman attempts to assassinate the Titan leader, then calls in her AEUG allies to cover her escape. Meanwhile, Paptimus Scirocco dispatches Sarah Zabiarov to divert the Argama. Kamille is able to capture her, but Sarah's presence further disrupts an already chaotic battle.

Episode 45: Coming from the Heavens
Haman has set the asteroid Axis on a collision course with the Gate of Zedan, and the AEUG now launch an all-out attack on the Gate of Zedan to prevent the Titan fleet from escaping the impact. Scirocco, watching the battle from the sidelines, sends Reccoa to rescue Sarah from captivity aboard the Argama. And as the AEUG and Titan fleets clash, the Axis forces take advantage of the confusion to seize control of the Gryps 2 colony laser.

Episode 46: Scirocco Rises
Scirocco and Jamitov visit the Axis flagship for a final round of negotiations with Haman. The AEUG learn of the meeting, and hotheaded Katz Kobayashi decides to sneak aboard the ship and get rid of Scirocco and Haman. As the situation descends into chaos, the treacherous Scirocco takes his opportunity to seize control of the Titans. Haman confronts Scirocco as he makes his escape, and Katz intervenes in their duel with tragic results.

Episode 47: A Descent into the Maelstorm
The AEUG launch Operation Maelstrom, surrounding Gryps 2 in a whirlpool formation in order to recapture the colony laser from the Axis forces. Kamille is sent to distract the enemy and finds himself in single combat with Haman herself. The two powerful Newtypes experience a mental connection, but Haman rejects this rapport and lashes out against Kamille with violent anger, crushing his hopes that they might come to understand one another.

Episode 48: The Mirror of Rosamia
After colliding with the Gate of Zedan, the asteroid Axis is now falling toward the lunar city of Granada. The Argama travels to Axis, hoping to use the asteroid's communications facilities to contact the AEUG fleet so that they can deflect it with the captured colony laser. Their efforts are interrupted when Rosamia attacks in a formidable new Psyco Gundam, and Kamille makes one last attempt to reach out to the woman he once knew as Rosammy.

Episode 49: Casualties of War
After changing the course of the asteroid, the Argama rushes back to Gryps 2, where the AEUG, Titan, and Axis fleets are battling for control of the colony laser. As the Argama pilots reach the battlefield they find their old enemies Jerid Messa and Yazan Gable waiting in ambush, and the lives of friends and foes alike are lost in the fierce battle. Emma confronts her former comrade Reccoa, and the outcome of their duel fills Kamille with grief and despair.

Episode 50: Riders in the Skies
With her last breath, Emma asks Kamille to bring the fighting to an end, and he returns to the battlefield determined to defeat Scirocco and Haman. Scirocco enters Gryps 2 to disable the colony laser before it can destroy the Titan fleet, then teams up with Haman to fight off Char's pursuit, but he is unable to prevent the AEUG from unleashing the colony laser's devastating power. Though the AEUG and Titan fleets have both sustained terrible losses, the final battle isn't over yet...

Streaming February 14 - April 22

© SOTSU, SUNRISE. Television series, 42 episodes. Aired in Japan: 1979 to 1980

Main Staff: Presented by Sunrise, Inc. Created by: Hajime Yatate, Yoshiyuki Tomino. Written by: Hiroyuki Hoshiyama, Yoshihisa Araki, Masaru Yamamoto, Kenichi Matsuzaki, Yoshiyuki Tomino. Director: Yoshiyuki Tomino. Character Designer & Animation Director: Yoshikazu Yasuhiko. Mechanical Designer: Kunio Ohkawara. Music: Takeo Watanabe, Yuji Matsuyama. Producers: Wataru Sekioka, Nobuyuki Okuma, Yasuo Shibue. English Adaptation Produced by SUNRISE INC., BANDAI ENTERTAINMENT In association with The Ocean Group.

U.C. 0079. The rebel space colonies of the Principality of Zeon launch a war of independence against the Earth Federation, using humanoid fighting vehicles called mobile suits to overwhelm the Federation Forces and conquer half of Earth's surface.

Months later, the Federation has finally developed its own prototype mobile suits at a remote space colony. But when the colony suffers a Zeon surprise attack, these new weapons fall into the hands of a motley crew of civilians and cadets, and fate places a youth named Amuro Ray at the controls of the white mobile suit Gundam...

Current DVD releases:

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Episode Synopsis

Episode 1: Gundam Rising
Universal Century 0079. During the war of independence declared by the Principality of Zeon, the Earth Federation Forces have found themselves outgunned. To counter this, the Federation has developed new mobile suits and tested them at Side 7. Zeon Lieutenant Commander Char Aznable senses this and sets out on a reconnaissance mission. One of his overeager soldiers, hoping for personal glory, begins firing. Ensnared in this war, Amuro Ray pilots the Mobile Suit Gundam!

Episode 2: Destroy Gundam!
The assault carrier White Base collects refugees rescued from the recent battle. Most of the regular military crew aboard the White Base have died or are seriously injured. The surviving youths aboard the ship are working together to escape from the colony. Meanwhile, Char seeks out the secrets of the Federation's mobile suits by personally infiltrating Side 7. A girl named Sayla Mass spots him, and Char is shocked at how much she resembles his sister...

Episode 3: Vote to Attack
Char has not given up on trying to find out more about the new mobile suits, and attempts to receive reinforcements from a Papua supply ship. But on the White Base, officer cadet Bright Noa decides this is a chance for a counterstrike, and sends out the Gundam and Core Fighter. With skill far beyond that of a novice, Amuro successfully guides the surprise attack.

Episode 4: Escape from Luna II
The White Base has arrived at Luna II. But what waits for Bright and Amuro is severe punishment from Commandant Wakkein. The youths who have intruded upon the Federation's most guarded secrets are incarcerated in jail, and the Gundam is locked down. Meanwhile, Char and his team carry out a plan to infiltrate Luna II in normal suits.

Episode 5: Re-entry to Earth
The White Base heads for Jaburo, the headquarters of the Earth Federation Forces in South America, and prepares for atmospheric entry. Char commences an attack on the White Base as it descends. The battle runs long, and both sides are reaching the point of no return... Then a Zaku burns up in the atmosphere. Will the Gundam meet the same fate?

Episode 6: Garma Strikes
The White Base, having entered Earth's atmosphere, is attacked by the youngest member of the Zabi family, Garma Zabi, who commands a Gaw attack carrier and a formation of Dopp fighters. On top of this, Magella Attack tanks begin shelling from the ground. Bright has Amuro switch from the Guntank to the Gundam, and plots how to escape from the enemy's clever trap...

Episode 7: The Core Fighter's Escape
By launching a Core Fighter into a ballistic orbit and having it fly over the enemy, the White Base tries to establish direct contact with Earth Federation Forces headquarters. Meanwhile, the refugees incite a revolt, but Amuro focuses on what he must do and heads to the hangar. Char senses the Core Fighter speeding away and intercepts it with a Komusai, but...

Episode 8: Winds of War
Some of the refugees have petitioned to be dropped off on the ground. Bright uses this as an excuse to ask the Zeon forces for a temporary cease-fire. The Gunperry transporting the refugees also secretly unloads Amuro's Gundam. Kai Shiden's Guncannon then descends to the ground to lure the enemy. The Gundam attacks from the rear of the lake with a pincer movement, and Bright's brilliant strategy unfolds.

Episode 9: Fly, Gundam!
Amuro lets petty annoyances get to him, and refuses to fight. Bright tries to rally Amuro, but it only incites him to rebel even more, and ends in a great argument. However, upon hearing Bright invoke the name of Char, Amuro decides to sortie, and uses the Gundam to display his astonishing tactics.

Episode 10: Garma's Fate
Char coolly watches Garma romance Icelina Eschonbach, daughter of the former mayor of New Yark. Upon hearing a report that the White Base is hiding within a city, Garma sets out in his Gaw attack carrier. Char volunteers to launch a ground attack with Zakus to help his friend out, but a fearsome conspiracy lies in hiding!

Episode 11: Icelina - Love's Remains
Icelina swears to avenge Garma, and joins the pursuit of the White Base. The Gundam and Guncannon leap onto the Gaws to attack them, but Char's Luggun recon plane bombs the White Base and causes it to lose propulsion. In the midst of this, Icelina sees the Gundam. She gathers all her bitterness over Garma's death and tries to ram the Gundam with the Gaw, but...

Episode 12: The Threat of Zeon
While the Principality of Zeon holds a magnificent state funeral for Garma, grizzled veteran Ramba Ral vows to eliminate the White Base and descends upon it with his Zanzibar mobile cruiser. Bright is unable to shake the pursuit of the Zanzibar, and forces the battle-weary Amuro into another fight. A ferocious figure appears and blocks Amuro's path...

Episode 13: Coming Home
Amuro stops by his hometown to visit his mother. To conceal himself from the surrounding Zeon soldiers, Amuro pretends to be a sick patient. Bright's emergency call to Amuro catches the attention of the soldiers. Amuro fires in self-defense, but is scolded by his mother for doing so. He continues to fight despite the immense alienation he feels, but...

Episode 14: Time, Be Still
The Gundam successfully diverts an attack on Lieutenant Matilda Ajan's Medea transport. But this is actually a trick by an enemy patrol unit. Approaching the Gundam in their small aerial Wappas, the enemy soldiers start attaching bombs to the Gundam. Amuro discovers their plan after his shield is destroyed, and begins the arduous task of disarming the bombs by himself, when...

Episode 15: Sayla's Agony
As the White Base heads westward across Central Asia, it receives an order from General Revil to cross the Caspian Sea within 5 days and participate in a massive operation against M'Quve's forces. However, the salt-depleted White Base decides to detour to a salt-water lake. Ramba Ral's team sees an opportunity and draws closer. While this is happening, Sayla tries to launch in the Gundam without permission, and...!

Episode 16: Amuro Deserts
Amuro is ordered to sortie in the Gundam, but he conceitedly decides to launch with the Guntank instead. Ral's Gouf appears before him, and the difference in fighting strength gives Amuro no other option but to retreat. Amuro switches to the Gundam and tries to fight according to his simulations, but he is forced to bear personal witness to the severity of true combat...

Episode 17: Zeon's Secret Mine
The runaway Amuro discovers a Zeon mining base. Positive that this base is the target of Operation Odessa, Amuro decides to attack on his own with the Gundam. In response to this surprise attack, Kycilia Zabi decides to test the mobile gun platform Adzam, and launches with M'Quve. Attacked by a metallic dust leader and a radiation field, the exterior of the Gundam suddenly erupts in burning fury!

Episode 18: Ramba Ral's Attack
When Amuro goes to a restaurant to have a meal, Ramba Ral walks in with his men. Just as Ral is starting to form a favorable impression of Amuro, Fraw Bow is captured by a sentry and brought into the room, and tensions rise. Amuro realizes the released Fraw is unknowingly being followed by the enemy, and hurries back to the White Base. Now, the one-on-one battle between the Gundam and Gouf begins!

Episode 19: Hand-to-Hand Combat
After returning to the White Base, Amuro is held in isolation. Meanwhile, with his resupply delayed, Ral switches his strategy and uses small Cui tanks and hand-to-hand guerilla warfare. Ral and his men expect their enemy to be formidable, but when they find nothing but child soldiers aboard the White Base, they cannot hide their astonishment. Within the chaos, Ral runs into Sayla, but...

Episode 20: Sorrow and Hatred
After Ral's death, Crowley Hamon intends to complete their mission so that she can repay his affections. With the remains of her limited military force, she begins a "drill maneuver" to break through the weak spot in the White Base's defenses. Amuro senses the incoming suicide bomb attack. As the Gundam tries to hold back the bomb, Hamon appears behind the Gundam and takes aim with her Magella Top's cannon!

Episode 21: The Trap of M'Quve
Bright is unable to bear the strain of overwork, and collapses with a high fever. M'Quve's forces bomb the White Base's Minovsky particle generators and ECM transmitters, rendering it defenseless. Substituting for Bright is the rookie commander Mirai Yashima, whose lack of situational awareness and experience throw the battle into great disorder and confusion.

Episode 22: Matilda's Rescue
Ensnared in M'Quve's trap, the White Base makes an emergency landing. While the worried Mirai anxiously waits for resupply, Bright formally designates her as substitute captain. Meanwhile, General Revil has just arrived at the European frontline base. Holding the White Base in high regard, he sends Matilda to repair its engines and deliver a Gundam support machine called the "G-Fighter," but...

Episode 23: Black Tri-Star
Matilda's return to the White Base raises the crew's morale, and they take a commemorative photo. The Doms of the Black Tri-Stars, however, are approaching the White Base. Sayla is chosen to be the pilot of the G-Armor, and sorties with the Gundam despite feeling overwhelmed. But the three Doms perform their Jet Stream Attack and make sport of the Gundam!

Episode 24: The Battle of Odessa
In the middle of testing out the G-Fighter, Amuro witnesses a Federation plane taking off from Zeon territory. Amuro follows it to the mobile command ship Big Tray, and informs General Elran of the existence of a spy. The traitor general shows his true colors when he draws his gun on Amuro, but Federation soldiers restrain and arrest him. Operation Odessa is now in effect!

Episode 25: Char Returns
The White Base docks at the Belfast supply base for repairs. This information is passed by the female spy Miharu to none other than Captain Char, the Red Comet. Meanwhile, a Jukon submarine launches amphibious mobile suits called Goggs. The Goggs land and begin attacking the Federation ground forces. Amuro rises up against the Goggs, but the fight is close and difficult, and...

Episode 26: A Spy on Board
Kai decides to leave the ship, and Miharu invites him back to her house. Realizing the situation of Miharu's family, Kai lets slip some information about the White Base. Miharu immediately relays the information to Char's Mad Angler unit, and Char orders her to infiltrate the White Base during a diversionary attack.

Episode 27: Across the Atlantic Ocean
The stowaway Miharu is discovered by Kai, who hides her in his own room. Immediately after he gives Miharu some information, Char's subordinate Flanagan Boone visits the ship and contacts Miharu. After watching the children on the White Base get caught up in the ensuing attack, Miharu feels guilty and goes out with Kai in the Gunperry, but...

Episode 28: Tragedy in Jaburo
The White Base arrives at Jaburo, the Earth Federation Forces headquarters in South America, but it has been followed by the enemy Mad Angler unit. Char joins the first wave of the attack as a huge formation of Zeon forces appears in the skies over Jaburo. Countless mobile suits descend, and a full-scale offensive begins. In the midst of battle, Amuro discovers Char's red Z'Gok!

Episode 29: A Wish of War Orphans
With the formal admission of the White Base crew into the military, the question arises of what to do with Katz, Letz, and Kikka. After escaping from a childcare center, the kids run into a GM factory. Here they stumble into Zeon commandos who are planting bombs, and they are tied up. The children cut their bonds, and work hard to dismantle the time bombs, but...

Episode 30: A Decoy in Space
In order to divert the enemy's attention away from the main fleet launching into space from Jaburo, the White Base is sent on a completely different course as a decoy. Meanwhile a new officer, Lieutenant JG Sleggar Law, has joined the crew. Char rushes to chase them into space with his Zanzibar mobile cruiser. Along the way he realizes the White Base is just a decoy, but decides this is a good opportunity to launch a pursuit attack...

Episode 31: Breakthrough
Captain Char asks his former subordinate Lieutenant Dren to intercept the White Base. Sleggar sorties in a G-Fighter, while a Rick Dom formation begins its attack. As Dren focuses on the fleet battle, he hears a report that the Gundam is missing and becomes uneasy. The Gundam approaches from directly overhead to avoid being spotted, and attacks the bridge of Dren's flagship!

Episode 32: Farewell in Side Six
The White Base enters the neutral territory of Side 6. Inspector Cameron Bloom, who was engaged to Mirai, finds his warm reception met with cool indifference. Meanwhile, Amuro finds his lost father Tem. But Amuro's father seems to have suffered brain damage due to oxygen deprivation, and Amuro weeps at the immense shock and sadness of the situation.

Episode 33: A Fateful Encounter
At a lakeside cottage, Amuro meets a mysterious girl staring at a swan. On his way back from bidding farewell to his father, the treacherous roads cause Amuro's vehicle to become stuck. His rescuer is none other than Char, who has recently arrived at Side 6. At his side is the girl from the lakeside, Lalah Sune. The White Base departs Side 6, and waiting for it is the Conscon Squadron!

Episode 34: The Glory of Solomon
The Federation Forces finally begin their battle to capture Solomon. While the advance fleet holds its position, the main Tianem Fleet deploys mirrors in Side 1 airspace. As the mirrors gather the sunlight into a focal point, Solomon is burned by the intense ray. This is the power of the Federation Force's trump card, the Solar System. Aiming toward the newly opened breach in Solomon, the mobile suits begin their advance!

Episode 35: Big-Zam's Last Stand
During the battle for Solomon, Mirai goes to see Sleggar while his damaged G-Fighter is being serviced. Understanding her tears, Sleggar entrusts her with a ring he says is a memento of his mother. And then their lips touch... Vice Admiral Dozle Zabi decides to abandon Solomon, and charges into the Federation's main fleet with the mobile armor Big Zam.

Episode 36: The Duel in Texas
The White Base heads for the debris field known as the Texas Zone. However, Captain M'Quve plots to take down the Gundam to win favor with his superior Kycilia Zabi. At the same time, Lalah is testing the new mobile armor Elmeth, with Char observing nearby. M'Quve sets numerous traps to lure the Gundam into the depths of the colony, but...

Episode 37: Char and Sayla
The Gundam is disabled, and the White Base crew head out to search for it. Amid this, Char and Sayla meet again. Char's real name is Casval, and Sayla's is Artesia. The two are the orphaned children of the late Zeon Zum Deikun, who first pioneered the Newtype concept. Char believes the Zabi family assassinated his father, and he has joined the Zeon forces to take his revenge...

Episode 38: The Newtype: Challia Bull
Challia Bull of the Principality of Zeon has returned from Jupiter. Identified as a Newtype, Challia is ordered by Admiral Gihren to join Kycilia's forces. Challia sets out in the mobile armor Braw Bro. However, Amuro is able to evade his multidirectional attacks, and quickly initiates a counterattack of his own.

Episode 39: Lalah's Dilemma
The Gundam is unable to keep up with Amuro's reflexes. Dr. Mosk applies a new magnet coating technology to its joints in an attempt to increase its response speed. Meanwhile, Char has become confident of Lalah's combat skills, and sends the Elmeth into real combat. Her ability to quickly destroy two warships demonstrates Lalah's strange power, and her fellow pilots are filled with dread.

Episode 40: A Cosmic Glow
Lalah and Amuro face off. The Elmeth's psycommu-guided bits besiege the Gundam from all directions, but Amuro is able to read their every move and eliminate them. Their consciousnesses begin to resonate, and the two find they are able to communicate directly through their thoughts. Char suddenly interrupts and comes between them. The Gundam attempts to deliver a final blow to Char's Gelgoog, when...

Episode 41: Space Fortress: A Baoa Qu
The colony laser weapon Solar Ray utterly disintegrates Sovereign Degwin Zabi, General Revil, and half of the Federation's main fleet. The Federation Forces' command structure and fighting strength are thrown into disarray, but the surviving fleet regroups and starts its advance on A Baoa Qu. Betting on his potential as a Newtype, Char sorties in the incomplete mobile suit Zeong.

Episode 42: Escape
After exchanging repeated blows, the Gundam and the Zeong are both severely damaged. Recognizing his true enemy, Amuro abandons his machine, but he is confronted by Char and the two begin a fateful duel with guns and swords. Char bids farewell to his sister Sayla and sets out to stop the fleeing Kycilia in order to end the war. Meanwhile, blown about by explosions, Amuro finds himself in a hopeless situation...

Streaming February 20 - April 22

© SOTSU, SUNRISE. Television series, 50 episodes. Aired in Japan: 2002 to 2003

Main Staff: A Production of Sunrise. Created by: Hajime Yatate, Yoshiyuki Tomino. Director: Mitsuo Fukuda. Series Supervisor: Chiaki Morosawa. Character Designer: Hisashi Hirai. Mechanical Designers: Kunio Okawara, Kimitoshi Yamane. Art Director: Shigemi Ikeda. Director of Photography: Takeshi Katsurayama. Assistant Producer: Hiroo Maruyama. Network Producer: Yasuo Miyakawa. Editor: Seiji Morita. Director of Sound Effects: Yasuo Urakami. Music: Toshihiko Sahashi. Producers: Seiji Takeda, Fumikuni Furusawa. Production Coordination: ADK, Sotsu. Produced by: Sunrise, MBS. English Adaptation Produced by BANDAI ENTERTAINMENT in Association with the Ocean Group

Cosmic Era 71. A war is under way between genetically enhanced Coordinators and unmodified Naturals. The Natural-dominated Earth Alliance, struggling to catch up with the Coordinators' superior technology, has secretly developed its own Gundam mobile suits at a neutral space colony. Through a twist of fate, a young Coordinator named Kira Yamato becomes the pilot of the Alliance's prototype Strike Gundam, and finds himself forced to fight his own people in order to protect his friends.

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Episode Synopsis

Phase 01: False Peace
The story begins in year 71 of the Cosmic Era, eleven months into the conflict between ZAFT and the Earth Alliance. One of the Alliance's member nations has secretly developed its own mobile suits at Heliopolis, a space colony which belongs the neutral nation Orb. But, just as the five experimental Gundams are on the point of completion, a ZAFT commando team enters Heliopolis to seize the Alliance's new weapons.
Heliopolis is home to many people who seek to avoid the ongoing war, among them a young Coordinator named Kira Yamato. Fleeing for shelter as ZAFT's forces attack the colony, Kira instead stumbles upon the secret factory where the Alliance's Gundams were developed. Here he confronts one of the attackers, who turns out to be his childhood friend Athrun Zala. As explosions consume the factory, Kira and a wounded Alliance officer take refuge inside the prototype Strike Gundam."

Phase 02: Its Name: Gundam
The Strike Gundam, with Alliance officer Murrue Ramius at the controls, emerges from the chaos of the burning factory and squares off against a ZAFT mobile suit. Kira takes over the Gundam, rewriting its operating system in mid-battle in order to take down the enemy suit. He and a handful of his friends are then forcibly recruited by Murrue, who refuses to let them go now that they've seen the Alliance's secret weapons.
Outside the colony, ZAFT commander Rau Le Creuset fights a running duel with Alliance ace Mu La Flaga. And elsewhere in Heliopolis, Alliance officer Natarle Badgiruel gathers the few crewmembers who survived the ZAFT attack and takes charge of the carrier Archangel. Just as Le Creuset disables Mu's mobile armor and turns his attentions to the Gundam, the Archangel blasts its way out of drydock and enters the colony's interior."

Phase 03: Collapsing Land
Combining their firepower, the Strike Gundam and Archangel manage to repulse Le Creuset, and the Alliance survivors gather to plan their next move. Though the soldiers are disturbed to learn that Kira is a Coordinator, the modifications he's made to the Strike Gundam's software mean that nobody else can operate it. Kira and friends, for their part, are locked out of the colony's shelters and now have no choice but to try and escape Heliopolis aboard the Archangel.
Determined to capture or destroy the last of the Alliance's Gundams, Le Creuset dispatches a team of heavily-armed mobile suits into the colony. Athrun joins the attack in his Aegis Gundam, hoping to convince his friend Kira to join his cause. But in the battle that follows, Heliopolis itself sustains so much structural damage that it breaks apart around them."

Phase 04: Silent Run
Drifting in space amid the wreckage of Heliopolis, Kira rescues one of the colony's lifeboats, whose passengers include his former schoolmate Flay Allster. The Archangel, having momentarily shaken off Le Creuset's pursuit, sets course for the Alliance's Artemis asteroid base. Cutting the ship's engines to avoid detection, the Archangel's crew begin their silent run.
Le Creuset, anticipating this decision, deploys his ships Vesalius and Gamow along the Archangel's probable route so as to trap his quarry between them. As the ZAFT ships close in, Kira decides to protect the ship by piloting the Strike Gundam once again, while his friends show their support by volunteering for bridge crew duty. Le Creuset dispatches Athrun and his comrades in their stolen Gundams, and the battle begins."

Phase 05: Phase Shift Down
Kira and Athrun skirmish and argue, until Duel Gundam pilot Yzak Joule cuts in. Yzak and Kira begin dueling in earnest, while ZAFT's other Gundam pilots target the Archangel. Meanwhile Mu has maneuvered himself into position to ambush Le Creuset's Vesalius, and Le Creuset is forced to order a withdrawal.
Despite Le Creuset's order, Yzak continues battling the Strike Gundam. Soon Kira has used up the Strike Gundam's energy battery, and the ZAFT pilots attempt to seize the powerless Gundam as a trophy. With timely assistance from Mu and a replacement Striker Pack, Kira is able to break free and return to the Archangel, and the battered ship limps to safety behind the impenetrable ""Umbrella of Artemis."""

Phase 06: The Vanishing Gundam
The Archangel has found safe harbor at the asteroid fortress Artemis but, upon their arrival, the crew are detained at gunpoint. Though Artemis is an Earth Alliance base, it's controlled by a different member nation than the one that developed the Gundams, and its soldiers are eager to seize the Archangel and its cargo for themselves.
Meanwhile, Le Creuset and Athrun have been recalled to the PLANTs, leaving ZAFT's other Gundam pilots to ponder how they can get through Artemis's defensive barrier. The team's junior member, Nicol Amalfi, proposes that they use his Blitz Gundam's stealth capabilities to launch a surprise attack on the base. In the ensuing chaos, the Archangel's crew escape captivity and flee Artemis."

Phase 07: The Scar of Space
Le Creuset and Athrun return to the Coordinator homeland to report to the PLANT Supreme Council regarding the captured Gundams and the destruction of Heliopolis. They arrive during the anniversary of the ""Bloody Valentine"" tragedy, in which Earth Alliance forces destroyed a PLANT with nuclear weapons. Athrun's fiancé, the pop star Lacus Clyne, has been sent to visit the PLANT's remnants as part of the memorial delegation.
The Archangel makes a detour through Earth's orbiting debris belt in order to salvage some desperately needed supplies. Here the crew discover the remains of the PLANT which was destroyed in the ""Bloody Valentine"" tragedy, as well as a recently wrecked civilian vessel. Kira then spies a drifting lifepod, which he brings aboard the Archangel."

Phase 08: The Songstress of the Enemy Forces
The lifepod's occupant turns out to be Lacus Clyne, daughter of the PLANT Supreme Council chairman. The crew are unnerved by the presence of a real live Coordinator, even one as friendly and gentle as Lacus, and Flay's especially vehement reaction verges on open hatred. The tension aboard the ship is relieved when they at last contact an advance force from the Alliance's 8th Fleet and arrange a rendezvous.
Once news of Lacus's disappearance reaches the PLANTs, Le Creuset and Athrun are dispatched to search for her. When they reach the debris belt, Le Creuset once again picks up the Archangel's trail, and decides to resume his pursuit."

Phase 09: The Fading Light
The Archangel crew eagerly anticipate their rendezvous with the 8th Fleet advance force - none more than Flay, the daughter of an Alliance minister, whose father insisted on accompanying the fleet to greet her. However, their impending reunion is disrupted as Le Creuset dispatches his mobile suits to intercept the advance force.
Kira and Mu set off to aid the advance fleet, but the ZAFT mobile suits hold them at bay. Aboard the Archangel, Flay comes up with a desperate scheme to save her father by holding Lacus hostage. While the Archangel crew try to calm her down, Le Creuset's Vesalius finishes off the advance fleet flagship, and with it Flay's beloved father. Natarle, the Archangel's combat commander, carries out Flay's plan and forces the Vesalius to withdraw."

Phase 10: Crossroads
By threatening Lacus's life, the Archangel crew have saved themselves from Le Creuset's forces, but they're troubled by their own craven tactics. Flay is inconsolable after witnessing her father's fate, and blames Kira for failing to save him.
Learning that Lacus is engaged to his childhood friend Athrun, Kira decides to make amends by helping her escape from the Archangel. With the aid of his friends, Kira arranges to hand Lacus over to her fiancé. The Coordinator idol is returned to her people, but Kira again rejects Athrun's pleas to change sides, and the two old friends part ways as sworn enemies."

Phase 11: The Awakening Sword
The Archangel's officers conduct an ad hoc court-martial to discipline Kira for releasing their hostage, and acting captain Murrue decides to let him off with a stern warning. Meanwhile, taking no chances after the loss of the advance force, the Alliance's 8th Fleet is coming in its entirety to escort the Archangel.
Le Creuset has called in reinforcements of his own - the warship Gamow, from which Yzak and his fellow Gundam pilots launch a surprise attack on the Archangel just before it joins the 8th Fleet. Kira and Mu struggle to defend the Archangel, and the stress of battle triggers a strange reaction in Kira; with the vision of a bursting seed, he enters a berserker state and cripples Yzak's Duel Gundam. The ZAFT pilots retreat as the 8th Fleet approaches."

Phase 12: Flay's Decision
The Archangel has successfully joined the Earth Alliance's 8th Fleet, and its crew are warmly greeted by Admiral Halberton, the chief proponent of the Gundam development program. Halberton and his fleet will now escort the Archangel down to Earth, so that it can complete its journey to the Alliance headquarters in Alaska.
For Kira and his friends, the struggle appears to be over; they can now leave the military and return to Earth with the other Heliopolis refugees. But Flay, intent on avenging her father, decides to enlist in the Alliance forces. One by one, Kira's friends tear up their discharge orders and follow suit, and at the last minute Kira decides to remain aboard the Archangel in order to continue protecting them."

Phase 13: Stars Falling in Space
As the 8th Fleet approaches Earth, Le Creuset dispatches his mobile suits to attack the fleet. The assault is spearheaded by ZAFT's Gundam pilots, among them the wounded Yzak, who is spoiling for a rematch with the Strike Gundam. But Admiral Halberton, determined to get the Archangel safely to Earth, is keeping the ship and its pilots out of the fray.
While the Archangel crew watch from the sidelines, ZAFT's Gundams proceed to wipe out the entire 8th Fleet. At last Kira and Mu sally forth to aid Halberton's embattled flagship, but Kira is instead drawn into a fierce duel with Yzak. As the Archangel and the battling Gundams enter the atmosphere, Yzak releases his frustrations by shooting down a troublesome distraction - a shuttle filled with Heliopolis refugees, the very people whom Kira has sworn to protect."

Phase 14: Within Endless Time
In the aftermath of the battle with the Alliance's 8th Fleet, Rau Le Creuset reflects upon the events that led up to this point. We see how, after the ""Bloody Valentine"" tragedy, the PLANT Supreme Council was split between moderate and radical factions. Now the appearance of the Gundams has given new support to the radicals, and the war is likely to escalate as a result. Le Creuset then recalls the tale of the first Coordinator, George Glenn. This genetically-engineered genius sought to usher in a new era of space exploration, but by revealing the secrets of his creation, Glenn instead split the human race into two branches - genetically-engineered Coordinators and unmodified Naturals, each regarding the other with fear and distrust."

Phase 15: The Respective Solitudes
The Archangel has safely reached Earth thanks to the 8th Fleet's sacrifice. However, the ship went far off course during its chaotic entry into the atmosphere, and instead of Alaska it's landed in the deserts of ZAFT-controlled North Africa. Meanwhile, Yzak and his fellow Gundams pilot Dearka Elsman have descended to ZAFT's Gibraltar base.
Kira, laid up in sickbay after the ordeal of re-entry, is being tended by - of all people - the Coordinator-hating Flay. Though Flay is engaged to Kira's good friend Sai Argyle, she maintains that the arrangements made by their parents are now null and void. Kira, agonized by his failure to protect the refugees, collapses into Flay's waiting arms."

Phase 16: Burning Clouds of Sand
During the night, the Archangel encounters a new threat - the forces of Andy Waltfeld, ZAFT legendary ""Desert Tiger."" Kira rushes into battle to protect his comrades... to the delight of Flay, whose intention is to use Kira as a tool to avenge her father.
Kira struggles to adapt to the desert conditions, even after he once again enters his berserker state, but the watching Andy is impressed by the skill of the Strike Gundam's pilot. With his Gundam's energy dangerously low, Kira receives some timely help from a band of resistance fighters, who lure the ZAFT mobile suits into an explosive trap. And among these resistance fighters is a mysterious young woman whom Kira helped escape from Heliopolis."

Phase 17: Cagalli Returns
As dawn breaks, the Archangel crew confer with the resistance fighters, who rescued them from Andy Waltfeld's attack. In order to resume its journey to Alaska, the Archangel must make its way past Waltfeld's forces, and so the crew decide to join forces with the resistance fighters against their common foe. Meanwhile, Kira renews his acquaintance with the young woman he met at Heliopolis, who gives her name as Cagalli Yula. While the Archangel crew prepare for the coming battle, Sai presses Flay to explain her recent behavior. Flay goes running to Kira, who physically overpowers Sai with his Coordinator abilities. The argument is interrupted as Andy Waltfeld's forces launch a retaliatory attack on the resistance fighters' home village."

Phase 18: Payback
Andy Waltfeld's forces launch a full-scale assault on the resistance fighters' home village of Tassil. After warning the village's inhabitants to evacuate, the ZAFT mobile suits proceed to burn Tassil to the ground. The resistance fighters arrive to find their home in flames, and their families huddled on its outskirts.
Though Waltfeld has spared the lives of Tassil's inhabitants, the resistance fighters vow to avenge this attack, and recklessly set off in pursuit of the departing ZAFT forces. Kira goes to the rebels' aid, and finds himself engaged in mobile suit combat with the dreaded Waltfeld himself."

Phase 19: Fangs of the Enemy
The Archangel crew and their resistance allies make a foray into Andy Waltfeld's stronghold, the ZAFT-controlled city of Banadiya, in order to obtain weapons and supplies. Kira and Cagalli take the opportunity to do some shopping, only to run into Waltfeld himself.
After escaping an attack by the anti-Coordinator group known as Blue Cosmos, Kira and Cagalli find themselves Waltfeld's unwilling guests. Though the dreaded ""Desert Tiger"" has figured out that Kira is the Strike Gundam's pilot, he lets them go to fight another day. Meanwhile, the distraught Sai tries to demonstrate that he too can pilot the Gundam, but proves unable even to move it from the Archangel's hangar."

Phase 20: On a Calm Day
Back in the PLANTs, Kira's old friend Athrun pays a visit to his fiancé Lacus Clyne The two discuss their mutual acquaintance Kira, and Athrun is both touched and disturbed to learn that his friend still cherishes the Birdy robot that Athrun gave him as a keepsake.
While Athrun and Lacus talk, their parents attend a meeting of the PLANT Supreme Council, in which they debate ZAFT's upcoming terrestrial offensive, codenamed Operation Spit Break. And back on Earth, the Archangel crew and the resistance fighters prepare for an all-out confrontation with Andy Waltfeld's forces."

Phase 21: Beyond the Clouds of Sand
The Archangel resumes its journey, putting it on a collision course with Andy Waltfeld and his fleet of land warships. Yzak and Dearka arrive from the Gibraltar base to join forces with Waltfeld, and as battle is joined, Waltfeld and his partner Aisha enter the fray themselves in a two-seater mobile suit.
As the fighting continues, Cagalli takes the controls of one of the Archangel's fighter craft to aid Mu, while Kira battles Waltfeld himself. Waltfeld's forces are gradually wiped out, and he orders the remainder to retreat, but the ""Desert Tiger"" intends to stay behind to finish his duel with Kira..."

Phase 22: The Sea Dyed Red
Having defeated Andy Waltfeld, the Archangel crew bid farewell to the resistance fighters and set off across the Red Sea to begin an ocean voyage to Alaska. Cagalli and her bodyguard Kisaka remain aboard the Archangel, and her growing friendship with Kira begins to inspire Flay's jealousy.
The Archangel's journey is interrupted by a new threat, a ZAFT submarine force commanded by Marco Morassim which attacks the ship with aerial and underwater mobile suits. Even as Kira wages an undersea battle against Morassim's mobile suits, Athrun and Nicol are on their way back to Earth, as ZAFT gathers its forces for the upcoming Operation Spit Break."

Phase 23: Fateful Encounter
Athrun and Nicol arrive on Earth, and ZAFT's Gundam team is at last reunited. The four Gundams and their pilots are loaded onto transport planes for transfer to the Carpentaria base in Australia.
Meanwhile, Marco Morassim's submarine force continues to pursue the Archangel across the Indian Ocean. During the battle Cagalli's fighter becomes separated from the ship, and by sheer accident she ends up intercepting Athrun's straggling transport plane. Both aircraft end up crash-landing and, by sheer chance, Athrun and Cagalli now find themselves stranded on the same deserted island."

Phase 24: War for Two
After their midair skirmish, Athrun and Cagalli find themselves stranded together on the same uninhabited island. Thanks to his Coordinator abilities, Athrun is easily able to overpower Cagalli and take her prisoner. While they wait to be found and rescued, the two young warriors have little to do but talk, and they begin getting to know each other better.
Eventually, search parties from ZAFT and the Archangel are able to locate the stranded pair, and Athrun and Cagalli return to their respective sides. But while the two former enemies don't necessarily part as friends, they've nonetheless come to a degree of mutual understanding."

Phase 25: The Land of Peace
In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the Archangel is attacked by all four of ZAFT's Gundams, and the ship sustains severe damage from their ongoing assault. During the battle, the ship enters the territorial waters of the neutral Orb Union, and an Orb naval fleet sets out to intercept the intruders.
With the Archangel in a state of dire emergency, Cagalli at last reveals her true identity as the daughter of one of Orb's leaders. Thanks to her help, the ship is able to establish contact with the Orb forces, who drive off the enemy Gundams and escort the battered Archangel to a safe harbor."

Phase 26: Moment This episode is a recap of the story thus far.

Phase 27: Endless Rondo
The damaged Archangel has at last found safe haven at one of the islands which make up the Orb Union. While the ship undergoes repair at Onogoro Island, Kira is called upon to assist the engineers of Morgenroete, Inc. - the civilian company which manufactured the Alliance's Gundams at Heliopolis, and is now developing new mobile suits for Orb.
One of Morgenroete's engineers analyzes the Strike Gundam's combat data, reviewing Kira's previous adventures. Meanwhile, Athrun, Yzak, Dearka, and Nicol have come ashore at Onogoro Island to search for the Archangel."

Phase 28: Kira
Kira's friends are joyfully reunited with their parents, who all made it safely back to the Orb homeland following the destruction of Heliopolis. Flay, who has no parents to welcome her, wanders the Archangel and finds that Kira has also chosen to remain aboard the ship rather than meeting with his family. Taking Kira's friendliness for pity, she erupts with fury.
Nearby, Athrun and his companions are searching for evidence of the Archangel's presence. Kira's robot pet Birdy flies out of the Morgenroete facility to greet its creator Athrun, followed by Kira himself. Athrun returns the robot, and then the estranged friends once again part ways."

Phase 29: The Turning Point
With its repairs and resupply complete, the Archangel departs Onogoro Island and resumes its voyage to Alaska. Cagalli's father refuses to allow her to go with the ship, and she is forced to stay behind in the Orb homeland.
Now that the Archangel is once again at sea, the ZAFT Gundam pilots resume their pursuit. Kira and Mu struggle to protect the ship, with Kira's friend Tolle Koenig taking Cagalli's place as a fighter pilot. During this fierce battle, Nicol intervenes to protect his friend Athrun from Kira's attack, with tragic results."

Phase 30: Flashing Blades
ZAFT's three remaining Gundam pilots retreat, and the Archangel's mechanics praise Kira for destroying Nicol's Blitz Gundam, but the young pilot is distressed by his own actions. Athrun, meanwhile, resolves to take his old friend's life rather than watch any more of his comrades fall in battle.
The ZAFT Gundams launch another attack on the Archangel. Kira and Athrun resume their dueling with even greater ferocity, and Kira's friend Tolle is slain when he attempts to intervene. Athrun grapples the Strike Gundam and then bails out - leaving his damaged Aegis Gundam to self-destruct, seemingly taking Kira with it. And meanwhile, Dearka and his Buster Gundam are captured by the Archangel."

Phase 31: Grieving Skies
Having lost contact with both the Strike Gundam and Tolle's fighter, the badly damaged Archangel has no choice but to hurry onward to Alaska. Since they are unable to search for their missing pilots, Murrue contacts the Orb Union and asks it to dispatch a search party. The crew continue their voyage with heavy hearts, especially Tolle's girlfriend Miriallia Haw.
Cagalli and the other Orb rescuers find the scattered remains of the Strike and Aegis, and retrieve the unconscious Athrun, but can find no trace of Kira. When Athrun awakes, Cagalli confronts him over his actions, and she is horrified to learn that Athrun has done his best to slay his own childhood friend."

Phase 32: In the Promised Land
The battered Archangel at last reaches the Alaska base, the Alliance's main headquarters. The Archangel crew, ordered to stand by aboard their ship, become increasingly anxious as they're left to wait for further instructions. The grieving Miriallia tries to attack the captive Dearka, but ultimately saves him from Flay's own assassination attempt.
The injured Kira awakens and finds himself in the PLANTs, under the care of Lacus Clyne. Meanwhile, Yzak and Athrun have returned to ZAFT's Carpentaria base. Rau Le Creuset congratulates Athrun for his accomplishment in destroying the Strike Gundam, then moves his forces into position for ZAFT's long-awaited grand offensive..."

Phase 33: Gathering Darkness
After the attacks on Dearka, Natarle is harshly critical of Murrue's leadership, and Murrue admits her shortcomings as a captain. Miriallia pays a visit to Dearka's cell, where he confirms that he wasn't the one who shot down Tolle's fighter.
Meanwhile, the Archangel's senior officers are summoned to a hearing conducted by Captain Sutherland of the Alliance's general staff. Sutherland subjects Murrue to a relentless cross-examination, arguing that her decision to place the Strike Gundam in the hands of a Coordinator led to the destruction of Heliopolis and the 8th Fleet."

Phase 34: Seen and Unseen
As the Alliance gathers its forces at Panama in anticipation of a major ZAFT attack, the Archangel is reassigned to the Alaska base's defensive garrison. Natarle, Mu, and Flay receive transfer orders and bid farewell to their comrades aboard the Archangel.
The long-awaited Operation Spit Break begins, and the true target of the offensive is revealed: rather than attacking Panama, ZAFT is striking directly at the Alliance headquarters in Alaska. Le Creuset enters the base ahead of the main force, confronting Mu and taking Flay prisoner. Back in the PLANTs, Lacus entrusts Kira with a powerful new weapon."

Phase 35: The Descending Sword
As the Alaska defense forces fight desperately to hold back the ZAFT assault, Mu returns to the Archangel to tell the crew that they're being used as bait for a deadly trap: the Alaska base has been abandoned, and its lowest levels house a Cyclops System, a massive microwave array that will destroy everything within ten kilometers of the base.
Suddenly, a new combatant enters the battlefield. Kira descends to Earth in the mighty Freedom Gundam he received from Lacus, and quickly clears a path for the Archangel. While the ship races to escape the Cyclops System's area of effect, the Alliance leaders activate their trap. The Alaska base vanishes in an inferno of destruction, consuming Alliance and ZAFT forces alike."

Phase 36: In the Name of Justice
News of the Alaska catastrophe has thrown the Coordinator homeland into turmoil. Athrun's father Patrick Zala, the radical new chairman of the PLANT Supreme Council, launches a purge of his political opponents and orders the arrest of Lacus and her father for their treason against the state.
Athrun is summoned by his father and given a new mission. He is to return to Earth and track down the stolen Freedom Gundam, which contains ZAFT's most vital military secret - a Neutron Jammer Canceler that enables the use of nuclear power and nuclear weapons. Before his departure, Athrun encounters his former fiancé Lacus, who reveals to him that Kira is still alive and challenges him to question his father's orders."

Phase 37: Divine Thunder
Once again, the battered Archangel finds refuge in the Orb Union. Kira and Cagalli are reunited, and Cagalli's father Uzumi Nara Athha updates the Archangel crew on the current political situation. The events in Alaska have spurred both sides to escalate their war efforts, and the Alliance is pressuring Earth's remaining neutral nations to join its crusade against the Coordinators.
Meanwhile, ZAFT launches an assault on Panama, the site of the Alliance's last remaining mass driver. The Alliance deploys its own mass-produced mobile suits to defend Panama, but the ZAFT forces disable the defending forces with an electromagnetic pulse weapon and proceed to massacre the Alliance survivors."

Phase 38: Decisive Fire
With the fall of Panama, the Alliance has lost its last mass driver, and thus its access to space. At a meeting of the Alliance leadership, the industrialist Muruta Azrael - leader of the anti-Coordinator group known as Blue Cosmos - proposes that they obtain a replacement mass driver by forcing the Orb Union to join the Alliance.
Uzumi rejects the Alliance's ultimatum, and Azrael launches his attack. The Archangel fights in Orb's defense, with Mu now piloting the rebuilt Strike Gundam. Even Dearka, released by Miriallia on the eve of the battle, comes to the Archangel's aid with his Buster Gundam. But the defenders are hard pressed by Azrael's secret weapon - a trio of powerful new Gundams and their artificially enhanced pilots."

Phase 39: Athrun
The battle for Orb has been interrupted by the arrival of a new player. Athrun, at the controls of ZAFT's new Justice Gundam, joins the defenders and helps them repulse the Alliance assault. With their pilots in dire need of medication, the enemy Gundams are forced to withdraw, and Orb is given a brief respite.
While the defenders prepare for the next wave of attacks, Athrun takes the opportunity to exchange a few words with Kira and Cagalli. However, the young soldier is still torn between his loyalty to his nation and his love for his friends."

Phase 40: Into the Dawn Skies
As the Alliance launches another assault, Athrun and Dearka again join the battle in Orb's defense, until the enemy Gundams exhaust their energy supplies and withdraw. But Uzumi knows that their cause is lost, and during this pause in the battle he gathers his forces for a last stand at Orb's mass driver.
The final attack begins, and Uzumi carries out his desperate plan. Putting Cagalli aboard the Orb warship Kusanagi, he sends her into space along with the Archangel - then blows up the mass driver and the Morgenroete factories, sacrificing himself in the process. While the Alliance takes control of her homeland, Cagalli soars up into space, carrying with her a mysterious parting gift from her father."

Phase 41: Trembling World
Having made it to space, the Archangel and Kusanagi now set off for the abandoned space colonies of Lagrange point 4, where they hope to scavenge supplies. Athrun, having accompanied Kira and friends into space, feels obligated to make a final visit to the PLANTs before choosing a side. And Cagalli shows Kira the photograph her father gave her, which suggests a surprising connection between the two youngsters.
Meanwhile, the Alliance has captured the Victoria spaceport in Africa, regaining access to space. Already, Earth forces are gathering at their lunar base, and a former Archangel crewmember receives a prestigious new assignment."

Phase 42: Lacus Strikes
In the Coordinator homeland, Lacus has gone underground and begun waging a propaganda campaign against Patrick Zala's aggressive tactics. Zala is further aggravated when his son Athrun returns. Rather than reporting the whereabouts of the stolen Freedom Gundam, Athrun challenges his father to justify his conduct of the war, and is arrested at gunpoint for his pains.
Just as Athrun is being taken away for interrogation, he's rescued by Lacus's followers. With the unexpected help of one of Kira's old adversaries, Athrun and Lacus make a daring escape aboard the newly built ZAFT warship Eternal. Making its way to Lagrange point 4, Lacus's ship joins forces with the Archangel and Kusanagi."

Phase 43: What Stands in the Way
The Archangel and its companion ships have found a safe haven in the abandoned space colony Mendel at Lagrange point 4, but their enemies are closing in. Rau Le Creuset is dispatched to pursue the Eternal, while the Alliance's new Archangel-class warship, the Dominion, is assigned to capture the Freedom and Justice Gundams in order to extract their Neutron Jammer Canceler technology.
Arriving at Mendel, the Dominion challenges the renegade Archangel. Murrue and her crew are shocked to discover that the Dominion is commanded by their former comrade Natarle Badgiruel, and personally supervised by Blue Cosmos leader Muruta Azrael. As the Dominion and the Alliance's dreaded Gundam trio begin their attack, Le Creuset and Yzak Joule enter Mendel to search for the Eternal."

Phase 44: Spiral of Encounters
The Kusanagi, which became tangled in drifting cables on its way out of the Mendel colony, finally frees itself and joins the battle against the Dominion. Now outnumbered, and with its trio of Gundams running low on energy, the Dominion makes a temporary retreat.
Sensing Le Creuset's presence, Mu enters Mendel with Dearka in tow. Mu and Le Creuset fight a running duel inside the colony, until Mu's Strike Gundam is finally shot down. Kira then joins the battle and swiftly dismembers Le Creuset's mobile suit. Le Creuset flees on foot into an abandoned genetic engineering facility, goading Mu and Kira to follow him."

Phase 45: The Opening Door
In an abandoned genetic engineering lab inside the Mendel colony, Rau carries on a running gunfight with Mu and Kira, all the while taunting them with revelations about Kira's origins and the connection between Mu and Le Creuset. Elsewhere in the colony, Yzak and Dearka have a face-to-face reunion of their own.
Meanwhile, the Dominion arrives to launch another assault. Le Creuset returns to his own ship and orders the ZAFT forces to attack as well. But just before the battle is joined, he contacts the Dominion with a surprising offer..."

Phase 46: A Place for the Soul
A fierce three-sided battle begins outside the Mendel colony. While the Archangel takes on the Dominion, the Eternal and Kusanagi attempt to fight off Le Creuset's ships. In the midst of this chaos, Le Creuset sets Flay adrift in a lifepod, entrusting her with what he claims is the key that will end the war.
Though Flay calls out to the Archangel for rescue, in the end Kira is unable to prevent her falling into the Alliance's hands. Meanwhile, the Archangel and its companion ships fight their way past the enemy forces to safer territory. Flay, too, finds refuge aboard the Dominion, where Azrael is delighted to discover the nature of the so-called key she has brought them."

Phase 47: The Nightmare Reborn
Azrael presents his prize to the Alliance leadership - the specifications for the Neutron Jammer Canceler, which enables the use of nuclear power and nuclear weapons. The Alliance leaders want to use this technology to address Earth's ongoing energy crisis, but Azrael insists that they devote all their resources to a nuclear strike on the Coordinator homeland.
Two months later, the Alliance has driven ZAFT off the Earth and gathered a massive space fleet at its lunar base. The Alliance launches its offensive with a nuclear attack on the space fortress Boaz, one of two asteroid bases that guard the PLANTs. The Alliance fleet continues on to the Coordinator homeland, but the Archangel and its companions intervene to stop its nuclear attack. Then Patrick Zala unveils his own ultimate weapon..."

Phase 48: Day of Wrath
At Patrick Zala order, the devastating gamma-ray laser known as GENESIS strikes the Alliance space fleet, wiping out half its vessels. The Alliance fleet pulls back, but Azrael, terrified that ZAFT will use its new weapon against Earth, orders his forces to renew their attack.
While GENESIS prepares to fire a second blast, and the Alliance fleet launches another assault, the Archangel, Eternal, and Kusanagi fight to prevent both sides from using their weapons of annihilation. And Rau Le Creuset, at the controls of his own new Gundam, enters the fray to ensure that the war builds to a crescendo of destruction."

Phase 49: The Final Light
GENESIS fires again, this time annihilating the Alliance's lunar base and the reinforcements en route to the battlefield. Crazed with desperation, Azrael orders another nuclear attack on the PLANTs. While the Archangel intercepts Azrael's forces, the Eternal and Kusanagi head for the ZAFT space fortress Jachin Due, where GENESIS is being readied for one final blast.
As Mu and Le Creuset fight their last duel, the Archangel and Dominion meet in battle once more. Natarle at last decides to defy her insane leader, trapping Azrael on the Dominion's bridge while Flay and the rest of the crew abandon their damaged ship. But while Azrael may be cornered, he remains a lethal threat."

Phase 50: To an Endless Future
The battle between the Archangel and the Dominion is over, and the Alliance fleet has been decisively defeated. Nonetheless, Patrick Zala is determined to see the war through to its conclusion by turning the power of GENESIS against Earth itself, thus exterminating all Naturals.
Athrun and Cagalli fight their way into the asteroid base Jachin Due, only to find that they're too late to prevent GENESIS from firing its final blast, and that their only hope is to destroy the weapon from the inside. Kira confronts Le Creuset, whose manipulations have brought humanity to the brink of annihilation. And Flay Allster rushes to a fateful rendezvous of her own..."

Streaming March 25 - May 30

© SOTSU, SUNRISE, MBS. Television series, 50 episodes. Aired in Japan: 2004 to 2005

Main Staff: Planning: Sunrise. Created by: Hajime Yatate, Yoshiyuki Tomino. Series Supervisor: Chiaki Morosawa. Character Designer: Hisashi Hirai. Mechanical Designers: Kunio Okawara, Kimitoshi Yamane. Chief Mechanical Animation Designer: Satoshi Shigeta. Sound Director: Sadayoshi Fujino. Director of Photography: Takeshi Katsurayama. Editor: Yukiko Nojiri. Music: Toshihiko Sahashi. Production Coordination: Sotsu, ADK. Executive Producers: Seiji Takeda, Yasuo Miyakawa Producers: Hiroshi Morotomi, Hiroo Maruyama, Hiroyuki Sato. Director: Mitsuo Fukuda. Produced by: MBS, Sunrise. English Adaptation Produced by BANDAI ENTERTAINMENT in Association with Ocean Productions, Inc.

Cosmic Era 73. Two years have passed since the great war between the genetically enhanced Coordinators and the unmodified Naturals. After the final Battle of Jachin Due, the two sides agreed to a peace treaty which placed strict limits on their military forces. But tensions remain high, and both sides are now arming themselves for future battles. As the embers of hatred flare up into another conflict, the young Coordinator Shinn Asuka becomes a Gundam pilot on the front lines of this new war, and the heroes of the previous battles find themselves drawn into the chaotic battlefield.

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Episode Synopsis

Phase 01: Angry Eyes
In year 72 of the Cosmic Era, the Junius Treaty brought the hostilities between ZAFT and the Earth Alliance to a formal conclusion. The treaty banned all military use of nuclear weapons and nuclear power, and placed strict limits on the size of the ZAFT and Earth Alliance forces. However, there are still tensions between the genetically enhanced Coordinators and the unmodified Naturals, and the peace between them remains fragile. In October of C.E. 73, Cagalli Yula Athha, chief representative of the neutral Orb Union, arrives at the ZAFT military station Armory One. She is accompanied by her bodyguard, the former ZAFT soldier Athrun Zala, who now goes by the alias Alex Dino. Cagalli meets with Chairman Gilbert Durandal of the PLANT Supreme Council to voice her concerns about ZAFT's recent arms buildup. Their conversation is interrupted as mysterious intruders attack Armory One and capture three of ZAFT's newest Gundam mobile suits.

Phase 02: Those Who Call for War
With Armory One under attack, Athrun commandeers a ZAFT mobile suit to get Cagalli to safety. The three captured Gundams engage Athrun's ZAKU in combat, but he is rescued by the sudden appearance of the young ZAFT pilot Shinn Asuka and his Impulse Gundam. Outside Armory One, the enemy mothership Girty Lue joins the battle and wipes out the ZAFT defense fleet. Shinn and his comrade Rey Za Burrel attempt to pursue the stolen Gundams as they escape from Armory One, only to find the enemy commander waiting for them in the darkness of space.

Phase 03: Warning Shots
Shinn and Rey struggle against the enemy commander Neo Roanoke. In order to help her pilots, ZAFT Captain Talia Gladys orders the newly constructed warship Minerva to launch from Armory One and join the battle. The enemy forces withdraw, and the Minerva gives chase. Although Cagalli and Athrun have ended up aboard the Minerva, the apologetic Chairman Durandal informs them that there is no time to send them home to Orb. Durandal gives Cagalli a tour of the ship, and she reacts with anger to the sight of all ZAFT's new weaponry.

Phase 04: Stardust Battlefield
The Minerva follows the Girty Lue into the debris belt that surrounds Earth, and sends Shinn and his comrade Lunamaria Hawke in pursuit of the enemy mothership. However, Neo has tricked the ZAFT pilots into following a decoy. While the three stolen Gundams ambush Shinn and his comrades, the Girty Lue doubles back to attack the undefended Minerva. Just as all seems hopeless, Athrun devises a plan to help the Minerva escape from the enemy trap. Neo recalls his forces, and the battered Minerva is forced to abandon its pursuit. It seems as if the fighting is finally over, but an even greater crisis is already developing.

Phase 05: Scars that Won't Heal
Aboard the Minerva, Chairman Durandal receives shocking news. The ruins of Junius Seven, the PLANT that was destroyed in the infamous Bloody Valentine incident and where the armistice treaty was later signed, have left their stable orbit and begun falling towards Earth. ZAFT swiftly dispatches a demolition crew commanded by Yzak Joule to break up the remnants of Junius Seven, but it becomes clear that this is no mere accident when the demolition crew is attacked by what appear to be ZAFT mobile suits. As the Minerva arrives at Junius Seven to provide support, Athrun volunteers to join the battle.

Phase 06: The End of the World
The Minerva launches its mobile suits to support Yzak and his demolition crew. Shinn, Rey, Lunamaria, and Athrun join the battle against the mysterious group who have sent Junius Seven falling towards Earth. The situation becomes even more chaotic as the Girty Lue arrives and the stolen Gundams enter the fray. In the middle of all this fighting, the demolition crew complete their work and break up the ruins of Junius Seven. The Minerva follows the remaining fragments into the atmosphere in order to break them up even further, while Shinn and Athrun continue fighting the last of the mysterious mobile suits and confront the enemy leader.

Phase 07: Land of Confusion
Despite the heroic efforts of its crew, the Minerva has been unable to avert disaster, and the fragments of Junius Seven inflict terrible damage as they fall across Earth's surface. The Minerva retrieves Shinn and Athrun as they descend to Earth, then sets course for Orb in order to return Cagalli and repair the damage it has suffered in its space battles. Meanwhile, the anti-Coordinator group Blue Cosmos is already moving to take advantage of this disaster. Lord Djibril, the new leader of Blue Cosmos, confers with the other members of the Logos secret society to plan their response.

Phase 08: Junction
Once the Minerva arrives in Orb, Cagalli resumes her duties as Chief Representative. Her prime minister, Unato Ema Seiran, tells her of the damage caused by the fall of Junius Seven and urges her to approve an alliance with the Atlantic Federation. The engineers of Morgenroete begin repair work on the Minerva, supervised by the former Archangel captain Murrue Ramius. Athrun meets with his old friends Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne, who have taken refuge in Orb after their island home was flooded by the fall of Junius Seven. At last Athrun decides to return to space to meet with Chairman Durandal, leaving Cagalli with an unexpected parting gift.

Phase 09: Bared Fangs
The Atlantic Federation and its allies declare war on the PLANTs in response to the fall of Junius Seven. Although Chairman Durandal still hopes for a diplomatic solution, the ZAFT forces are mobilized to defend the PLANTs. Yzak and his comrade Dearka Elsman join the battle only to discover that they are fighting decoys while the Earth Forces attack the PLANTs with nuclear weapons. As the battle rages, Athrun waits on the sidelines for a chance to talk to Durandal. He is surprised to encounter a young woman who looks just like Lacus, and is even more stunned when the impostor greets him as if they were long-separated lovers.

Phase 10: A Father's Spell
Chairman Durandal tells the horrified Athrun the details of the Earth Forces' latest attack on the PLANTs. Giving up his Alex Dino alias, Athrun admits his true identity and begs Durandal not to let this conflict escalate into another war. As the citizens of the PLANTs call for revenge, the impostor Lacus Clyne appears on their screens to calm their anger. Durandal admits that he has created a false Lacus to influence the PLANT citizens, and tells Athrun that he wishes to make use of his strengths as well. After offering Athrun the use of a powerful new Gundam, Durandal leaves him to consider his options. Meer Campbell, the Lacus impersonator, meets Athrun again and invites him to dinner.

Phase 11: The Chosen Path
The conflict continues to escalate as Earth Forces fleets encircle the ZAFT bases at Gibraltar and Carpentaria, and the PLANT Supreme Council decides to strike back in the name of self-defense. Despite her best intentions, Cagalli yields to her ministers' demands that Orb ally itself with the Atlantic Federation. The Minerva receives a warning message and prepares to leave Orb before it is too late. In the PLANTs, Athrun visits the grave of his old comrade Nicol Amalfi. He is escorted by Yzak and Dearka, who urge him to return to the ZAFT forces. And back in Orb, Cagalli faces a fateful decision of her own.

Phase 12: Blood in the Water
The Minerva crew find an Earth Forces fleet waiting for them outside Orb's territorial waters, leaving them no choice but to somehow break through the enemy lines. While Rey and Lunamaria guard the ship, Shinn fights an aerial battle against the Earth Forces mobile suits, but the tide turns against them as the enemy deploys a huge mobile armor whose positron deflector shield can withstand even the Minerva's Tannhauser cannon. Meanwhile, Athrun has finally decided to rejoin ZAFT. Chairman Durandal makes him a member of the elite special forces organization known as FAITH, and Athrun departs for Earth in the Saviour Gundam.

Phase 13: Resurrected Wings
Thanks to Shinn's fighting prowess, the Minerva has overcome the Earth Forces fleet. As the ship continues on to Carpentaria, the Orb government concludes its alliance with the Atlantic Federation. Yuna Roma Seiran, the son of Orb's prime minister, pressures Cagalli to accept his marriage proposal in order to unite their nation. Now that Orb has aligned itself with the Earth Forces, Kira and his friends are considering leaving for the PLANTs. But their plans are disrupted when their home is attacked by Coordinator special forces who have been sent to assassinate Lacus, and Kira is forced to enter the battlefield once again.

Phase 14: Flight to Tomorrow
In the wake of the assassination attempt on Lacus, Kira and his friends realize that they have been targeted by the government of the PLANTs. Kira then receives a letter from his sister Cagalli, in which she tells him of her intention to marry Yuna and asks him to return Athrun's ring on her behalf. At last Kira decides on a course of action. Though she is still haunted by thoughts of Athrun, Cagalli has resigned herself to a loveless marriage. But as the ceremony begins, Murrue and her comrades launch the rebuilt Archangel, and Kira takes flight in the Freedom to save Cagalli from this grim fate.

Phase 15: Return to the Battlefield
Aboard the Archangel, Cagalli berates the crew for abducting her in the middle of her wedding ceremony. Kira gives Athrun's ring back to her, and gently asks Cagalli to join them in seeking a better answer to the world's problems. After learning that the Minerva has left Orb, Athrun at last rejoins the ship at Carpentaria, bringing with him new orders from Chairman Durandal. Talia is surprised to learn that Durandal has made her a FAITH member as well, and by the details of the Minerva's next assignment. Their new mission will take them into western Eurasia, where ZAFT is launching a campaign against the Earth Forces' Suez base.

Phase 16: Struggle in the Indian Ocean
As the Minerva makes its way through the Indian Ocean, it draws the attention of an old enemy, Neo Roanoke of the elite Phantom Pain taskforce. Neo calls in support from the nearby Earth Forces and launches an aerial assault on the Minerva. But while Shinn and Athrun battle the enemy in the air, the Minerva and its submarine escort come under attack from the water as well. Shinn is drawn away from the battlefield and discovers the construction site of an Earth Forces frontline base. He is outraged to realize that the Earth Forces are using the local civilians for forced labor, and begins wiping out the enemy soldiers in a destructive rampage.

Phase 17: The Soldier's Life
The fugitive Archangel is now hiding underwater in the neutral Kingdom of Scandinavia. Aboard the ship, Kira and his friends ponder their future plans. Despite the crimes of the Earth Forces, they can't bring themselves to trust Chairman Durandal, and Cagalli wonders what has become of Athrun since he returned to the PLANTs. The Minerva arrives at the Mahamul base in the Persian Gulf. The local ZAFT forces are trying to isolate the Suez base by capturing the Earth Forces' Gulnahan power plant. However, they have been unable to get past the Lohengrin Gate, which is guarded by a huge positron cannon and a powerful mobile armor. Talia realizes that the Minerva must clear this obstacle in order to continue its journey.

Phase 18: Attack the Lohengrin
As the Minerva approaches the Lohengrin Gate, Athrun explains the battle plan to the other pilots. While the Minerva and the soldiers of the Mahamul base draw the attention of the Earth Forces, one pilot will attack the positron cannon via a hidden tunnel. Athrun selects Shinn to carry out this vital mission, and the hotheaded young pilot agrees after one of the local resistance fighters begs for his help. Using data provides by the resistance, Shinn flies the separated parts of the Impulse Gundam through the darkness of the narrow tunnel. As he does so, his comrades fight a diversionary battle against the enemy's superior forces.

Phase 19: The Hidden Truth
The Minerva continues on to the shore of the Black Sea and docks at the city of Diocuia. Recently liberated from the control of the Earth Forces, Diocuia is now the latest stop on Meer Campbell's morale-building concert tour. Chairman Durandal himself is also visiting the city, and he invites the Minerva's mobile suit pilots to a personal meeting. In his conversation with the Minerva pilots, Durandal reveals the dark secret behind the current conflict. He blames the fighting on the secret society known as Logos, a group of industrialists and arms dealers who incite war for the sake of their own profits.

Phase 20: Past
This episode recounts Shinn's personal history. During the previous war, Shinn and his family lived peacefully in the neutral nation of Orb, but eventually even Orb was drawn into the conflict. Clinging to its ideals, Orb refused to submit to the demands of the Earth Alliance, and Shinn lost his family in the invasion that followed. Once the war was over, Shinn emigrated to the PLANTs and enlisted in the ZAFT forces. Still haunted by the fate of his family, he is determined to gain the power to protect those who are important to him.

Phase 21: Wandering Eyes
After their meeting with Chairman Durandal, the Minerva pilots are treated to a day of vacation and given rooms in one of Diocuia's hotels, and Athrun receives an unexpected guest. The pilots also make the acquaintance of Heine Westenfluss, a FAITH member who has been assigned to the Minerva as an additional pilot. Wandering by himself, Shinn sees a young woman falling into the sea and dives in to rescue her. This woman is in fact Stella Loussier, one of the Extended soldiers who attacked Armory One. Shinn calms the frantic Stella by promising to protect her, little suspecting her true identity.

Phase 22: Sword of the Blue Skies
Yielding to pressure from the Earth Forces, the government of Orb has agreed to join the fight against ZAFT. An Orb expeditionary fleet commanded by Yuna Roma Seiran is dispatched to back up Neo Roanoke's Phantom Pain taskforce. Meanwhile, the tensions among the Minerva's pilots have begun to ease thanks to the influence of the cheerful newcomer Heine. Though Athrun is troubled by the prospect of fighting against Orb, he now has a better understanding of Shinn's feelings toward his homeland. The Minerva leaves the Black Sea to intercept the approaching Orb fleet, and the two sides meet in battle in the Dardanelles.

Phase 23: The Shadows of War
The battle between the Minerva and the Orb fleet has been disrupted by the sudden appearance of the Archangel and Kira's Freedom Gundam. Cagalli enters the battlefield and orders the Orb forces to cease fighting, but Neo pressures Yuna into continuing the battle, and the Orb fleet renews its attack on the damaged Minerva. Since the Orb forces have rejected Cagalli's appeal, Kira sends her back to the Archangel and begins disabling both sides' mobile suits. Athrun tries to reason with his old friend, but he is unable to establish contact with Kira as the battlefield descends into chaos.

Phase 24: Differing Views
The battered Minerva retreats to a port on the Sea of Marmara to repair the damage it sustained in the Dardanelles battle. Troubled by the chaos his former comrades created during the fighting, Athrun decides to leave the Minerva and go in search of the Archangel so that he can talk to Kira and the others in person. The Minerva receives orders to investigate an abandoned Earth Forces research facility in the area. Shinn and Rey are sent to check out the facility, but Rey suffers a mysterious reaction as they explore the deserted Lodonia laboratory.

Phase 25: The Place of Sin
Athrun has arranged a meeting with Kira and Cagalli, but the old friends no longer see eye to eye. Even after hearing of the assassination attempt on Lacus, Athrun still believes in Chairman Durandal's good intentions, and he returns to the Minerva after urging his friends to keep Orb from participating in the war. The Minerva travels to the Lodonia laboratory to retrieve Rey and continue the investigation. This abandoned facility proves to be a laboratory where the Earth Forces experimented on children to create Extended soldiers. At their own nearby base, the Extended pilots of Phantom Pain are shocked to hear that the Minerva has discovered the laboratory where they were raised.

Phase 26: The Promise
After running off alone to the Lodonia laboratory, the Extended soldier Stella Loussier has been captured by the Minerva's pilots. Shinn brings the injured Stella aboard the Minerva, but the ship's doctors are unable to treat her due to her abnormal physiology. They also discover that Stella's memories have been modified, and she now has no recollection of meeting Shinn. Meanwhile, Lacus has decided to leave the Archangel and return to space in order to investigate the current situation in the PLANTs. Posing as the Lacus impersonator Meer Campbell, she steals a shuttle and escapes into the heavens.

Phase 27: Unfulfilled Feelings
Even as Neo prepares for another attack on the Minerva, the ZAFT forces are on the trail of the Archangel and its crew. While Chairman Durandal supervises the pursuit of the fugitive Lacus, Captain Talia of the Minerva receives a report on Athrun's secret meeting with Kira and Cagalli. Yuna and Neo gather their forces around the island of Crete, hoping to catch the Minerva as it enters the Mediterranean Sea. Once again, the Orb fleet engages the Minerva in a fierce naval battle, and once again the Archangel crew decide to intervene in the fighting in hopes of preventing any further bloodshed.

Phase 28: Survivors and Sacrifices
As the Minerva struggles against the combined Orb and Earth Forces fleets, the Freedom Gundam and the Archangel appear on the battlefield once more. Cagalli pleads with the Orb forces to cease fighting, but Yuna orders them to continue their assault on the Minerva. Casualties mount on both sides as the battle continues to escalate. Kira and Athrun confront one another in a heated duel, and Shinn carves a swath of destruction through the Orb fleet. Finally, the captain of the Orb flagship makes a fateful decision in order to bring this brutal conflict to an end.

Phase 29: Fates
Lacus returns to space and joins her allies aboard the warship Eternal, which is now hidden inside a cluster of asteroids. Chairman Durandal orders his forces to continue searching for Lacus, insisting that she is merely an impostor. Alone in his office, Durandal ponders the chance meeting that brought Lacus and Kira together, and questions whether it was coincidence or fate. Thinking back on his own life and the choices he has made, he wonders whether he might have found happiness along another path. In his imagination, Durandal hears the mocking voice of Rau Le Creuset.

Phase 30: A Fleeting Dream
In the aftermath of the battle at Crete, the Archangel retrieves survivors from the Orb fleet, who ask to join Cagalli in her fight to restore Orb's ideals. Meanwhile, the Minerva is undergoing another round of repairs before continuing on to Gibraltar. While Athrun frets over his confrontation with Kira, Shinn has other matters on his mind. The enemy pilot Stella Loussier, who Shinn once promised to protect, is still a prisoner aboard the Minerva. As Stella's condition continues to deteriorate, Shinn decides on a desperate plan of action to save her life.

Phase 31: The Endless Night
Shinn and Rey have returned Stella to her allies in order to save her life. As punishment for defying military regulations, the two pilots are placed in detention while the ZAFT leadership determines their fate. To Talia's shock, her superiors decide to overlook the matter entirely, and she realizes that Durandal is intervening from behind the scenes to protect Shinn and Rey. Having failed in their mission to destroy the Minerva, Neo Roanoke and his Phantom Pain taskforce receive a new assignment. Stella is placed at the controls of the monstrous Destroy Gundam and begins wreaking a path of destruction across western Eurasia. Upon learning of this, both the Archangel and the Minerva rush to halt the Destroy's rampage.

Phase 32: Stella
The Destroy Gundam advances towards Berlin, crushing one city after another. The Archangel arrives to confront the Destroy, but even Kira's Freedom Gundam is no match for its overwhelming power. As the Minerva reaches the scene, Shinn joins the battle in his Impulse Gundam, but he hesitates in his attack when he learns that Stella is the pilot of this monstrous Gundam. In the middle of battle, Neo's mobile suit is shot down, sending Stella into a frenzy. Shinn continues calling out to Stella, trying to calm her down, but the sight of the Freedom sends her into a renewed panic. At last Kira acts to end the fighting, with fatal consequences.

Phase 33: The World Revealed
After laying Stella's body to rest, Shinn returns to the Minerva with a new determination. When Athrun visits Shinn's room, he finds Shinn and Rey running combat simulations to prepare for a confrontation with the Freedom. Meanwhile, Neo Roanoke awakens aboard the Archangel. To his confusion, the Archangel crew insist that Neo is in fact their lost comrade Mu La Flaga, but he has no memories of his life as Mu. The situation then takes a new turn as Chairman Durandal begins a worldwide broadcast...

Phase 34: Nightmare
Chairman Durandal has revealed the existence of Logos to the public, throwing the world into a state of confusion. Kira and Cagalli fear that their homeland is now in danger, and the Archangel begins making its way back to Orb. However, the Archangel itself is now a target. In the wake of Durandal's announcement, the ship and its crew have been designated as dangerous elements, and the Minerva is ordered to join the ZAFT forces in an attack on the Archangel. After Murrue rejects Talia's offer of surrender, the two ships engage each other in battle, and Shinn and Kira begin a ferocious duel.

Phase 35: End of Chaos
Although the Archangel has escaped the Minerva's attack, the Freedom has been destroyed, and the ship itself badly damaged. After retrieving Kira, the Archangel continues on to Orb, while Shinn returns to the Minerva and receives a hero's welcome. Responding to Chairman Durandal's speech, the people of Earth have risen up against Logos, forcing Lord Djibril and his comrades to flee to the Earth Forces stronghold known as Heaven's Base. The Minerva arrives at Gibraltar to join the ZAFT forces which are gathering for an attack on Heaven's Base, and Shinn and Athrun are summoned to a private meeting with Durandal himself.

Phase 36: Athrun on the Run
Chairman Durandal, accompanied by Meer Campbell, presents Shinn and Athrun with a pair of powerful new Gundams. Shinn is delighted with this gift, but Athrun is still upset that they were ordered to attack the Archangel. Meer is worried by Athrun's reaction, and her fears are confirmed when she overhears Durandal and Rey discussing their plans for Athrun. Thanks to Meer's warning, Athrun makes a getaway just before Durandal can have him arrested, but Meer chooses to continue playing the role of Lacus Clyne rather than escape with him. With the help of an unexpected ally, Athrun flees Gibraltar in a stolen mobile suit, but the pursuit is far from over.

Phase 37: Thunder in the Dark
As Athrun and Meyrin escape from Gibraltar in a stolen mobile suit, Shinn and Rey pursue them in the new Destiny and Legend Gundams. Claiming that the fugitives have stolen classified information, Chairman Durandal orders Shinn and Rey to shoot them down. Rey tells the horrified Shinn that the traitors must be destroyed for the sake of Durandal's dream of peace. The crew of the Minerva are shocked by this turn of events, and Lunamaria is heartbroken by the loss of her sister. Even as they grieve, Durandal issues an ultimatum to the Earth Forces at Heaven's Base, demanding that they turn over Lord Djibril and the other Logos members.

Phase 38: A New Flag
The ZAFT forces gather around Heaven's Base as they wait for the Earth Forces to respond to Chairman Durandal's ultimatum. Aboard the Minerva, Lunamaria channels her grief into anger at Logos, while Shinn does his best to comfort her. Neither of them suspects that Athrun and Meyrin are now alive and well aboard the Archangel. Without warning, the Earth Forces open fire on the ZAFT fleet. Five monstrous Destroy Gundams lead the attack, while Heaven's Base deploys a secret weapon against the ZAFT forces descending from orbit. Only the power of the Minerva and its pilots can hope to overcome these tremendous odds.

Phase 39: Kira of the Skies
ZAFT has captured Heaven's Base only to find that Lord Djibril has fled to parts unknown, and Chairman Durandal orders his forces to track the fugitive down. Aboard the Archangel, Kira laments his own powerlessness and wonders what will happen next. While exploring an abandoned space colony, Lacus and her allies discover a clue as to Durandal's ultimate plans. In doing so, they draw the attention of the ZAFT forces, and the warship Eternal begins a desperate race to Earth in order to deliver this evidence to the Archangel. Learning that Lacus is in danger, Kira decides to launch into space and go to her aid.

Phase 40: Legacy Of Gold
Shinn and Rey receive medals for their exploits at Heaven's Base, and Chairman Durandal awards them their own FAITH insignia. But a new crisis is already beginning, as ZAFT has discovered that Lord Djibril has taken refuge in Orb. When the Seiran family refuses to turn over the fugitive, Durandal responds by launching an armed invasion. Cagalli watches these events in horror. Although the Archangel is still undergoing repair, Kira is in space, and Athrun is recovering from his injuries, she is determined to defend her homeland. As Cagalli prepares to enter battle, she receives a final legacy from her father.

Phase 41: Refrain
Aboard the Archangel, the injured Athrun thinks back upon the path he has followed to this point. Even though he saw the pointlessness of war during the previous conflict, he rejoined ZAFT and fought alongside the Minerva crew in order to bring the new war to an end. Now that Athrun has realized the sinister intentions of Chairman Durandal, he has rejoined his old friends. Meanwhile, Kira considers his own situation. Despite his hatred of war, he has returned to the battlefield in order to halt Durandal's plans. Placing his hopes in Lacus and Cagalli, he fights to help them bring about a world of true peace and freedom.

Phase 42: Freedom and Justice
Cagalli and her golden mobile suit Akatsuki have turned the tide of battle in Orb's favor, but she now finds herself facing enemy reinforcements, in the form of the Minerva and Shinn's Destiny Gundam. Even as the Archangel rushes to Cagalli's aid, Kira and Lacus return from space with a pair of new Gundams. While the Archangel clashes with the Minerva, Kira uses his new Strike Freedom Gundam to fend off the Destiny, forcing Shinn to retreat. During this lull in the fighting, Cagalli prepares the Orb defense forces for the next wave of attacks, while Athrun and Neo make own their decisions about whether to return to the battlefield.

Phase 43: A Call for Counterattack
The ZAFT forces renew their attack on Orb. Shinn and Rey enter the battlefield in the Destiny and Legend, and Athrun comes to Kira's rescue with his new Infinite Justice Gundam. While the four Gundams clash, the battle situation abruptly changes, and Talia orders the ZAFT forces to withdraw. In the wake of the battle, Cagalli uses the world media to deliver an address to Chairman Durandal, but her broadcast is interrupted by the Lacus impersonator Meer Campbell. For a moment, it seems that Durandal will once more be able to manipulate world opinion. However, Cagalli has one more trump card left to play.

Phase 44: Lacus Times Two
The real Lacus Clyne has reappeared on the world stage, and the impostor has been exposed. While Chairman Durandal sends Meer Campbell into hiding, the ZAFT forces and their allies grapple with this new revelation. But when Shinn and Lunamaria ask Rey for his opinion, he calmly replies that Durandal's policies are right, whether the real Lacus supports them or not. Meanwhile, Lord Djibril has taken refuge at the Earth Forces' Daedalus base on the far side of the moon. This is the site of the strategic cannon Requiem, whose devastating beam can be redirected a series of relay stations to strike targets anywhere on Earth or in space. Using this ultimate weapon, Djibril now strikes at the very heart of the PLANT homeland.

Phase 45: Prelude to a Revolution
Although the Requiem cannon has missed the PLANT capital of Aprilius, it has wreaked vast destruction on the surrounding PLANTs. In response, ZAFT sends its lunar orbital fleet to attack Requiem's first relay station, while the Minerva rushes to the Daedalus base to capture the cannon itself. As the Earth Forces prepare to fire a second shot, the Minerva and its Gundam pilots desperately fight their way through the enemy lines. But this time, Shinn and Rey are merely decoys, for the success of the operation and the survival of the PLANTs rest on Lunamaria's shoulders.

Phase 46: The Song of Truth
With the Daedalus base captured, Lord Djibril eliminated, and the Requiem relay stations safely under ZAFT control, Chairman Durandal's victory now appears complete. As the world awaits Durandal's next move, the Archangel heads for the free lunar city of Copernicus to monitor the situation. Once the Archangel reaches its destination, Kira, Athrun, Lacus, and Meyrin pay a visit to Copernicus and receive an urgent message from Meer Campbell. Although the message is clearly a trap, Lacus insists on meeting her impersonator in person, and the four friends make their way toward a fateful rendezvous.

Phase 47: Meer
Lacus and her companions return to the Archangel, carrying with them the body of Meer Campbell. Now that Meer has given her life to save Lacus, Athrun is ashamed to realize how little he knew about her. Then, inside Meer's purse, Lacus finds a data disk which contains the impostor's personal diary. As they read Meer's diary, they learn of her excitement at being chosen to play the role of Lacus, her feelings for Athrun, and her sincere desire to help guide the world towards peace. Recalling Meer's last words, Lacus makes a promise to remember her. Then Chairman Durandal begins a broadcast speech, finally revealing the plan for which Meer and so many others have laid down their lives...

Phase 48: To a New World
The fragile peace is shattered, as the world is once again thrown into turmoil by the announcement of Chairman Durandal's Destiny Plan. To eliminate conflict and secure eternal peace and happiness, Durandal intends to use DNA analysis to assign every human being to his or her proper role in life, creating a regulated society without free will or desire. The neutral nations of Orb and Scandinavia swiftly announce their opposition to the Destiny Plan, and the remaining Earth Forces at the Arzachel lunar base mobilize to challenge ZAFT. Even Shinn questions the wisdom of Durandal's plans, but Rey convinces him to stand by their leader as the final confrontation begins.

Phase 49: Rey
By using the Requiem cannon against the Earth Forces' Arzachel base, Chairman Durandal has shown that he will destroy anyone who stands in the way of his Destiny Plan, and it is clear to all that Orb is his next target. The Orb space fleet and its allies scramble to attack the Daedalus base before Requiem can fire again, while the Archangel and Eternal attempt to destroy the cannon's first relay station. In preparation for the final conflict, Durandal summons Shinn and Rey to join him at the mobile fortress Messiah. Meanwhile, he sends the Minerva and most of ZAFT's lunar orbital fleet to intercept the Archangel and Eternal, and a fierce battle begins around the relay station. Yzak and Dearka, who have fought throughout the war to defend the PLANTs, must decide whether their loyalties lie with ZAFT or with their old comrade Athrun.

Phase 50: The Final Power
Having eliminated Requiem's first relay station, the Archangel and Eternal rush to the moon to join the attack on the Daedalus base, only to find their way barred by the mobile fortress Messiah. Kira tells Athrun and the Archangel to continue on and destroy the Requiem cannon, while he and the Eternal stay behind to deal with Messiah. The Archangel races toward the Daedalus base, with the Minerva and Shinn's Destiny Gundam in hot pursuit, and Athrun is forced to battle Shinn and Lunamaria in order to protect the Archangel. Meanwhile, the Eternal leads the attack on Messiah, and Rey's Legend Gundam enters the fray to challenge Kira's Strike Freedom. As the chaotic battle rages over the lunar surface, the ultimate fate of humanity itself hangs in the balance.

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