Gainax hosts World Grand Prix Survivor Shot Championships

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Scene from the second Survivershot championship

The Gainax Web page reports that the company will play host to the third of the multi-company "Survivershot World Championship," in which "High-powered whackos from all over [corporate Japan will vie] in a hellish feast of blood."

The SurvivorShot, a light gun combat game that had similar American spin-offs, first went on sale by Tomy company ten years ago. The toy was very successful in Japan (less so in America), and Tomy has decided to re-release the toy featuring a new, updated design.

On June 1, 1997, upon discovering that their employees were not alone in their enthusiasm for the SurviverShot, Gainax sponsored the first world championship in a Tokyo park, in which ten teams from eight companies participated (90 people in all). A combination team from Nine Lives and Takarajima-sha won the championship. The following November, Gainax rented out a building and hosted 170 players on seventeen teams for the event's second run, inspired by mass of interest from other companies. (This time the winning team was ASCII.)

This year's event will take place this Sunday (November 8), and the Gainax page promises that "now, a new legend will begin!" Anime News Network will bring you the results of the contest as they are made available.

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