AnimeVillage announces new titles for '99

posted on, in the midst of a major web page update, announced its 1st and 2nd quarter 1999 release schedule. This includes...

  • "Escaflowne Best Collection" (all 26 episodes cut down to 3 hours) in three volumes to be released February-April
  • Cowboy Bebop volume 1, which will have two episodes and be released in June
  • Aono 6 go (Blue number 6), the groundbreaking new OAV series that is entirely CG-rendered volume 1 in both subtitled and dubbed formats (dub is $19.99, sub is $14.99)
  • Eat Man TV series in six volumes (two episodes per tape for $24.99) to be released one per month starting in February
  • Saber Marionette R (both subbed and dubbed for $24.99/19.99)
  • Saber Marionette J OAV's (Two episodes per tape subbed and dubbed for $24.99/19.99) starting in May (sub) and June (dub)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Stardust Memories in a new dubbed format, two episodes per tape for $19.99 each, six volumes starting in February
  • Outlaw Star, the incredibly popular TV series subtitled for $24.99, with two episodes per tape starting in February
  • Haunted Junction, the twelve-episode TV series on six tapes at $24.99 each, starting in April

    The first volume of each series will reportedly come with a series collection box. While some fans are lamenting the practice of having fewer episodes per tape (AnimeVillage is now on par with most ADV Films releases), others are quick to point out that they are following the Japanese releases by as little as six months and may be able to better preserve extras this way.

    Bandai also announced a new English version of Digital Beat magazine, with information on most of the newly announced series.

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