Digital Anime Distribution group takes off

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Digital Anime Distribution, or DAD, is part of a new trend towards internet-based fansub distribution. The group, consisting of college students Charles Liu and Robert H Wu, will aquire fansubs and digitize them, compress them in RealVideo form, and make them easily downloadable.

Previous attempts at downloadable anime utilized MPEG compression, and have required enormous bandwidth due to their size. RealVideo format, while not as pretty, makes files roughly 1/6 the size of an MPEG file. Rather than making them download-only files, the group will distribute CD-R's of the movies. An average TV episode is approximately 55 megabytes.

Over the past few months, the group has been contacting various fansubbers for permission to digitize some of their titles, most of whom have willingly obliged.

Those wishing for more information on the group should visit their web page at

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