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Japan News Briefs

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Multiple readers have written in asking for confirmation and information on Hideaki Anno's reported firing from the highly popular shoujo TV series "His & Her Circumstances". A few reputable web sites are reporting that Anno was dismissed after a disagreement with the show's producers (over what, we don't know) and that as a result, the show had dropped from #1 to #5 in the ratings. We were waiting for more official word regarding the issue, or at least for more information to become available, but this hasn't happened.

Similarly, EX Online is reporting that Sony's plans to market Ruroni Kenshin in the US as "Samurai X" by means of an existing company have fallen through. However, since Sony's raid on fansubbers carrying the series, no new plans or partnerships have been announced by anyone. ANN will be asking around about this and come to a conclusion about this one at Project A-kon this year (by process of elimination, we hope), but meanwhile, or contact at Sony has stopped returning our e-mails.

One Last Note: A few weeks ago we reported that "Shin Hakkenden, a new OAV series which has NOTHING to do with the Pioneer anime, chronicles a poor, well-endowed girl with really big cat-style teeth whose parents sell her to a bishonen mad scientist. It's not hentai. The first OAV is 2000 yen, on LD, DVD, and VHS."

Oops. The show we're describing there is actually "Mechanical Action Love Comedy Nanako."

AX Magazine reports that A new 2 part OVA series based on the game Tokimeki Memorial will be released on June 17 to be distributed by Konami. The price will be 6476 yen. A new TV series "To Hart", which is based on the video game, has also hit the airwaves.

A new Japanese Sci-Fi movie (live action)called "Sutaru Waasu #1" is generating some attention, as is a new You're Under Arrest TV series on Tokyo Broadcasting Service. This show will begin airing on July 25. Also new on TV is a new giant robot show called "Cyber Sucaa", the bishonen-heavy Kaikan Phrase (starring the group Glay), and the shonen series "Suicide High School."

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