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We received an interesting piece of e-mail from Tong Lin today regarding the possibility of a 3rd Tenchi Muyo series.

Hi there:

The people on #animedvd IRC chat discovered and confirmed today that there is a new Tenchi series in production in Japan from
the offical news from AIC.

Here is the exact copy of the posting from the forum, thanks to "Cav" to point this news out, "Anime-station" to translate the news and everyone else who helped to discover
this news ^_^.


Ok, note the following very closely before you read on:
1) There is absolutely no detail available as to the content, the universe, the production crew, the release date, or anything else involveing this series available, mentioned, or confirmed at this point in time.

2) The translation of the article was done by anime-station from #animedvd. Please thank him for going through the painful process of translating this section so that it was an absolute 100% perfectly clear translation.

Thank you.

Now, in the latest issue of AIC Love magazine the following was announced:

"Tenchi Muyo! (something supreme demon) Third series. Listen to fan's chants! Production has already started on the new series of Tenchi Muyo, in response to the 1500 votes from a reader poll. We are now investigating on progress about this new series."

The url to the article if you want to see it yourself is (Japanese Site).

There is no official word on this new series however. Speculation is that it is a new TV series and a continuation of the OVAs.

Tong Lin ( Big Fire )

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