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Funimation has licenced 2 50 minute long Japanese Dragonball Z TV specials for home video release this fall.

"Lonely Final Battle" (often referred to as "the Bardock Story") tentatively titled "Father of Goku" in the US, tells the story of Bardock's battle against Freezer and the destruction of Planet Vegita. "Resist Despair!! The Ultimate Surviving Fighters: Gohan and Trunks" currently has the tentative US title "Gohen/Trunks." This special episode tells the story of "Future Trunks'" life and why he came back in time to meet Goku.

Funimation has also announced that the upcoming Dragon Ball Z uncut VHS volumes 37 & 38, Androids: "Assassins" and "Invincible" will each include a "Japanese 3-Card Pack including one ‘Chromium’ card," while the edited version VHS tapes will each contain 2 chromium stickers.

Funimation also announced that the entire 3rd season of DBZ would be released on DVD. Funimation is currently releasing the DVDs out of sequence in order to get them out as fast as possible.

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