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Escaflowne getting canned?

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Sources: Usenet, Bandai Entertainment

Two conflicting reports about Escaflowne's future on Fox Kids have emerged.

TVGuy, known on rec.arts.anime.misc for his Fox Kids ratings posts and his knowledge of cuts made to Escaflowne before it airs, has made a claim that Fox Kids will cancel Escaflowne after October 21st.

Quoting his announcement article:
"Escaflowne's getting pulled.

prophecy of doom (aka prophecy of death) will be the last episode to
air, which will be oct 21. it's being replaced by NASCAR racers.

Such a bold claim required verification from Bandai, so we contacted Jerry Chu about TVGuy's latest post. Jerry quickly replied, stating that he had as of yet heard any information about Escaflowne being canned and that the rumours are unlikely considering Escaflowne's recent ratings.

Entertainment Industry websites, prior Fox press releases, and even TVGuy's Usenet ratings posts agree that Escaflowne garners about a 2.5 Neilson rating each weekend. Although 2.5 is an acceptable Saturday morning cartoon rating, this number would be even higher if it weren't pre-empted in many parts of the US by Fox Sports for baseball. With the baseball season winding down, it's anticipated that Escaflowne's ratings will raise once the playoffs end.

(Editor's Note: Last weekend's ratings are due out soon. We'll post the numbers as soon as we get them.)

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