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Excerpts from mailing list:

*The theatrical release of "Laputa" in the US *might* be difficult (In that case, it will be video released as "Kiki" was). It will be released on DVD in June 2002 in Japan.

*"Nausicaa" will be theatrically released in Korea on Dec. 16. This is the first time that a Ghibli film is released in Korean theaters.

*"Yamadas" is most likely to be released in France in next spring.

*Trailer of "Sen to Chihiro"
[Ghibli's current project] (30 seconds) will be shown in Japanese theaters (Toho franchise), starting on Dec. 16.

*Mononoke stamps will not be issued
[in Japan as part of a previously announced commemorative stamp project] since Ghibli did not agree to the project. It was the mistake on the part of the Postal Agency to publicize the project before getting Ghibli's consent.

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