FUNimation Acquires Blue Gender

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Only days after announcing Yu Yu Hakusho, FUNimation grabs another title

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Only days after announcing Yu Yu Hakusho, FUNimation has put up a press release (available here) detailing both YYH and their newest acquisition, Blue Gender.

Quoting from the press release, Blue Gender is ...a science fiction anime. This series contains graphic fighting scenes and is only for viewers over the age of 13. The Anime International Company (AIC) created Blue Gender. Other popular AIC
creations include Ad Police, Bubblegum Crisis, Tenchi Muyo and Ah My Goddess!. The story begins with Yuji, the main character, awakening abruptly to an earth in peril. Yuji has been frozen for over two decades. A
bug-like creature called Blue has taken over the world while Yuji was frozen. Yuji and Marlene, a young heroine who is an extraordinary warrior and pilot, travel through the earth trying to find means to journey into space so they can make it to a second earth where they can safely join other humans. Along the way they interact with other humans and must fight the Blue in order to stay alive...

In addition, the press release includes image galleries of both Blue Gender and Yu Yu Hakusho.

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