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Official DBZ FAQ update, and DB on CN delayed a few weeks..

Source: Planet Namek

The official Dragon Ball Z FAQ has been updated to include the following questions:
* Will there be subtitled DVD releases of Dragon Ball Z episodes 1-53...?
* When will new [DBZ] episodes begin broadcasting??
* What is the home video release schedule?
* When will the History of Trunks Soundtrack be available?
* Will DVD begin simultaneous release with VHS?
* What is the time-table for the release of Movie 4?
* How is FUNimation progressing with Yu Yu Hakusho and Blue Gender?
* What are future plans for Action Figures?
* What's the latest news on DBZ video games?
* What other DBZ Merchandise will soon be available?
* Will FUNimation bring other Anime to America?
* What are your future plans on this web site?

The official FUNimation responses may be read here on the website.

In addition, the Cartoon Network Toonami premiere of Dragon Ball has been delayed by approximately 4 weeks, to June 4th.

Quoting from the website:
Dragon Ball was originally scheduled to hit Cartoon Network on May 7, but that date has been moved to June 4. We apologize for the delay, but you only have to wait a little bit longer. Dragon Ball will remain in its original time slot, 5:30pm Eastern Standard Time, immediately after Dragon Ball Z. These episodes are going to be a blast, be sure to tune in June 4.

Continue to watch for updates and chances to vote on perspective Dragon Ball voice actors here at Remember, if these episodes are successful CN will pick up more of them, so tell you friends to watch.

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