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Shawne Kleckner was present for TRSI, and his opening statement, "I have nothing to announce" paved the way for an uneventful panel.

Unfortunately Shawne Kleckner got his panel off to a questionable start with the announcement "I have nothing to announce at AX." Fortunately there are always fan questions, and the Q&A session which dominated the panel did raise some interesting subjects.

Shawne did say that they had a few titles in production, but that they didn't want to make any announcements until the titles were complete and ready to go.

He also reminded everyone about the Anime Trax label which is a joint venture with ADV. Anime Trax recently released 2 Tylor soundtrack CDs and is planning on releasing many more Anime Soundtracks. At $15 a piece these certainly are a great buy when compared to $40 and up for imported CDs.


Perhaps the most important, a most dissapointing answer came when someone asked about Kare Kano. Shawne replied that they are working on KKNJ, however the dificulties they are having dealing with the massive ammounts of writting on the screen of this Anime has caused them to push their expected release date back even further. KKNJ, which was first expected out in the spring of 2001 will not be out until the spring of 2002... at least. On the good side, there will be no overlays.

On a better note, like most North American Anime distributors, TRSI is wants to release all their catalog titles, such as Astro Boy and Kimba, on DVD.

When asked about Anime TV Shawne said that he wanted to get any and every on of his titles on TV. He pointed out the the Captain Tylor TV series is currently playing on the International Channel. Regarding the possible editing of the show, Shawne stated that there would be no reason to edit a show like Captain Tylor in the manner that Card Captor Sakura was. However, if a TV station required editing, he pointed out that it would be worth it in order to get more Anime on TV. He mentionned that TRSI even records alternate dialogs for questionable parts of their anime, this in order to facilitate a potential TV run. TRSI has talked with numerous companies about getting some of their titles on TV, however it isn't very likely that something like Tylor which isn't a "Heavy Action" series will air on Cartoon Network or Fox any time soon.

The Tylor OVA series will be released on DVD later this year with a 5.1 English Soundtrack.

Regarding the Astro Boy TV series, TRSI will be releasing it on time for the 40th Anniversary of the series and the entire series should be released on DVD within 2 years. Unfortunately there is a possibility that not all the episodes will be releases. Some of the originals that they have aquired are not in suitable condition to be transferred to DVD.

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