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Bandai at AX

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Bandai talks about Gundam, Gundam, and more Gundam. Won't talk about Cowboy Bebop movie, but does announce two other new aquisitions and various other release and TV plans

On the Gundam side, Bandai will be releasing all the titles that make up the 1-year war first; DVDs for 0080 and 0083 (Stardust Memories) will be out early next year. Following these, Bandai's next Gundam release will be Char's Counterattack. Miller's report will be available in 2002. Bandai is also looking into releasing Gundam Soundtracks, but no decisions have yet to be made.

Gundam MS08 will start appearing on Cartoon Network on July 23rd at Midnight, while Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 will begin airing on the same day, at 5pm, during the regular Toonami block. 0080 and 0083 are very likely to appear on Cartoon Network as well. Pilot Candidate will also be showing on TV in the fall and Big O reruns will be beginning shortly. They also mentioned TV interest in Cowboy Bebop, but would not give out the details yet. When questioned about whether or not Love Hina would appear on TV they responded that they try to get everything on tv.

From Bandai America, the Gundam game “Journey to Jaboro” for PS2 will be available in August.

Building on their close relationship with Sunrise, Bandai may be starting a new sub label called “Sunrise Classic Action” which will release subtitled only DVDs of classic Sunrise titles such as Giant Gorg and Lazener.

The highly anticipated Cowboy Bebob boxed set should be out in November. The box might be available separately for people who have already purchased the DVDs. Regarding the “Knocking on Heaven's GATE” license and a possible theatrical release for the Cowboy Bebop movie, Bandai's answer continues to be “no comment.” They did however have Mr. Sasaki from Sunrise on hand to show the trailer for the movie and he said that the Japanese DVD will be coming out in August.

They have acquired the rights to Tsukai Tageran, which is a woman samurai series by the director of Jubei-chan, as well as the rights to Kikdaidar.

Bandai only has the rights to the first 24 TV episodes so far, but they are looking into the rights for other episodes such as OVAs and Christmas special.

The Escaflowne movie DVD, which is to be released after the theatrical run, will include a Dolby Digital 5.1 in both English and Japanese. The opening of the theatrical run will be in the San Francisco Bay Area on September 21st. When questioned about the cancellation of Escaflowne on Fox, the answer was that there was no fallout between Bandai and Fox as a result of this.

Regarding Crest of the Stars and the horrible first DVD by Comchoice, Bandai has stated that no more DVD will come from Comchoice and an exchange is possible on a cased by case basis. Fans wanting to exchange the DVD should e-mail support@AnimeVillage.com. Future releases of Crest of the Stars will be released Bi-Monthly with the next volume coming out in August.

It was mentioned that the Amaray 3 disc flippy cases put an exceptional amount of pressure on the DVD and progressively damage the DVD as it is removed and re-inserted into the case over time. Jerry Chu said that Bandai was not aware of this problem and that they would like to hear from fans to see if this is happening often.

On the subject of packaging and episode per disc count, they said that they have received very positive feedback regarding the 9/9/8 format and Bandai will look at releasing more titles in that format.

Catalog titles such as Silent Möbius and Brain Powerd will be released on DVD, however they weren't sure whether or not they would release Clamp School on DVD.

Saber Marionette J to X will be released on DVD sometime next year in the 9/9/8 format.

Other release dates can be found on Bandai's website which was just updated.

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