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ADV adds episodes to Orphen DVDs and corrects labeling mistake for Urotsukidoji

Source: Anime on DVD

ADV has changed the episode distribution of the DVD release of Orphen. The first two discs in each series had three episodes on them, but the final four discs will all have five episodes each, bringing each series in at six discs.

On the Anime on DVD Forum David Williams stated that Urotsukidoji would not be released under the ADV label as originally announced. ADV will be releasing Urotsukidoji under another label, however DLW was unclear as to which label that would be exactly.

ADV already has the "Softcel" label which has been releasing Bishoujo Anime for quite some time now, however Softcel has never released anything quite as hard core as Urotsukidoji. DLW hinted at the possibility of another, unamed label for the release.

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