Bid for Power to be released

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Dragonball characters removed in order to comply with FUNimation's Cease and Desist order.

Source: Planet Namek

Despite FUNimation's Cease and Desist order (see DBZ Bid for Power: Cease and Desist (2001-08-04 20:07:55)), Bid for Power will still be released in about 1 month's time. In order to comply with the cease and desist order, the developers of Bid for Power have removed all the Dragonball Z characters from the game (and probably any and all explicit references to DBZ) but according to BFP project leader Chris, Bid for Power will keep its Anime look and feel.

While not officially mentionned on the BFP site, Mr. E. of Planet Namek has heard that the models will be distributed seperately from the game, "so you will still be able to play as Piccolo."

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