Japanese Evangelion and Gundam Merchandise

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A number of high quality items have been announced for Evangelion and Gundam.

From Anime News Service
On October 26th in Japan a new sketch book collection goes on sale collecting sketched images for Gainax's 1997-98 Evangelion feature films, the (22 color) 300 page volume was totally supervised by director Hideaki Anno. Another volume is scheduled to ship in December. Retail is 3500 Yen.

Cell collectors have long known animation frames from 1995's hit science fiction work Neon Genesis Evangelion are among the rarest finds out there, today the Japanese website Chara-Ani is gearing up to sell extremely limited full blown dupicates of some of the most striking frames from the hit TV series. Reportedly quantities of 34 frames from the TV series and 13 frames from the films are produced. The cells are being reproduced and marked according to original number and include certificate.

A new illustration compilation of paintings by Turn A Gundam / Blade Runner mecha designer Sid Mead titled Sentury. The book includes 200+ illustrations from Anime / Personal Designs and more. Sale starts in Japan October 25th, the 176 page book will retail at 5000 Yen.

According to Newtype Asylum October 10, 2001: Kodansha (Japan) releases Gundam Q 101 (A6 size, 248 pages; ISBN4-06-330139-7; ¥1300), a supplementary Q & A book for the ultimate One Year War Gundam reference book Gundam Officials: U.C. 0079-0083 (A4-size, 896 pages, ¥15000) released back in March 21, 2001. Edited by Yuka Minagawa (editor of Gundam Official) and Sunrise Japan, Gundam Q101 provides the basic, easy-to-read factoid for Gundam fans who are interested in the One Year War and Universal Century Gundam chronicles.

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