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posted on 2002-02-21 04:52 EST by George Phillips
We've implemented a number of minor changes to help streamline our bandwidth... Here's what to expect in the coming weeks...

As we posted back in January, Anime News Network continues to grow by leaps and bounds! Of course, this growth also eats bandwidth, of which we only have a limited amount.

In order to get our bandwidth under control we're making a few changes to our scripts. We've been very careful with our changes, and hope that the effects are transparent to everyone. However, these changes should reduce our bandwidth usage significantly.

You may have noticed the reduced number of images in our review stack recently -- from 10 to 6. This is a temporary measure we're utilizing in an attempt to cut back on overall bandwidth useage. This will be returned to 10 images (8 new reviews and 2 random) shortly after other measures have been put in place.

We've noticed a fair amount of our bandwidth being used by websites linking to our images. While we're flattered by the attention, the bandwidth used for these images is noticable, and is negatively affecting our other readers. To correct this growing problem we've enacted a permanent measure to prevent image theft. This means that other websites will no longer be able to directly link to images on ANN's servers. If you wish to use an image on Anime News Network for your own purposes, please save the file and upload it to your own webspace.

A third, permanent measure is the spreading out of ANN's images over several different servers. You may have noticed that some images (and even pages!) have not always been displaying properly. By moving our images to alternate servers, we will have an even bandwidth distribution, which will result in a significantly better performing website.

We're making other minor changes to the scripts, streamlining graphics, and attempting to reduce our bandwidth further without affecting anyone's perception of the site, while we increase our bandwidth limits further. To this end, we've attempted to make sure all our pages load properly. Of course, sometimes unusual things happen, and require fixing. If you notice anything unusual about the site (broken graphics, bad links, incomplete pages, etc) please let us know (editor at!

Some of these measures are already in place, while others are still being worked on. You may notice some minor changes in the coming weeks as we continue to improve our scripts.

Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to bring you the best anime news on the Internet!

-George "Cookie" Phillips and Christopher "Tempest" Macdonald
Anime News Network

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