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Excel Saga in May, 801 T.T.S. Airbats and much more in the summer. Strong reason to believe that ADV has Noir

David Williams of ADV has posted teh following on Anime on DVD's forum:

Volume 1 of Excel Saga shall be unleased upon the world on 6/11/2002. We've snuck 5 episodes onto this DVD in both English and Japanese with English subtitles. To further improve our chances of success we've added such extras as ADV Vid-Notes, Clean Open/Close, Japanese Open/Close, Japanese Video Piracy Warning, Original Japanese Trailers, Production Sketches. All members will also find the own ACROSS ID card inserted along with their DVD package. SRP (i.e. ACROSS membership dues) is $29.98.

On the cover of AVD's latest print Catalog, below a picture of Kurumi, and next to an image of Kenshin there is an image of the Girls from Noir. The same as a licencing announcement? Not quite, but close.

An Anime on DVD Forum Regular has aquired a copy of the catalogue and posted the following information (from the catalogue) on the Forum:

  • 801 T.T.S. Airbats, coming Summer 2002. Contains 7 complete episodes, Production Sketches, Textless Credit Closin, 801 T.T.S. Airbats Trailer, Japanese Cast Tidbits. $34.95.
  • Burn Up Excess listed, 3 volumes, coming Summer 2002 for the first volume "To Serve and Protect." Contains English, Spanish and Japanese languages, and Production Sketches. $29.98 each volume (Volumes 2 and 3 are listed as Fall and Winter 2002 releases...)
  • Dai-Guard, 5 episodes on the first DVD and 4 on the second. Coming Fall 2002, with the second listed as Winter 2002.
  • Devil Hunter Yohko, first volume (already announced) as well as the second volume listed for Summer 2002.
  • Galaxy Fraulein Yuna. 5 Episodes, Original Trailer, Clean Credits. $29.98, coming Summer 2002.
  • Princess Nine DVDs lists extras we can expect on the upcoming DVDs. Vol. 4 has Voice Actress Profile, and OUTAKES. Vol. 5 has Hot springs Special, and Original Japanese Covers. The final volume has Voice Actress Commentary and Original Japanese Covers.
  • Super Atragon. 2 complete episodes, $19.98 SRP, coming Sumemr 2002.
  • Steel Angel Kurumi volumes listed. Extras on Volume 2 listed as "A Steel Angel Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes Part 2", Original Cover Artwork, Original Manga Covers, Production Sketches, US Teaser, Translated Notes, Extended Episode Previews, and Saki Fortune Teller. Vol. 3 extras listed as Series Background Information, Interview with Kaishaku (Manga series creator), Interview with Naohito Takashi (Anime Director), Interview with Yuriko Chiba (Character designer), Production Sketches, Extended Previews, and Karika Fortune Teller. Vol. 4 has "Conversations with Angels: Behind the Scenes Part 3", ADR OUTAKES, US Trailer, Character Bios, a Kurumi Travogue, Production Sketches, extended previews, and Nakahito Fortuen Teller.
  • Triangle Session, volume 1 Coming Winter 2002. 4 complete episodes, $24.98.
  • Wild Arms in Winter 2002, with 5 episodes, and Zone of Enders: Idolo in Fall 2002, followed by the first volume of the series in Winter 2002.

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