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CPM August Manga

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
M.D. Geist complete and continuations of Nadesico and Geobreeders

Excerpts from CPM press release:

Geobreeders Book Four: Unfriendly Skies
(Graphic Novel)

The ongoing feud between Kagura Security and the Phantom Cats has been legendary, but the stakes are raised even higher when one of our heroes is kidnapped! Making matters worse, hostage and hijackers alike are trapped on a jet airplane that the army is trying to shoot out of the sky! Getting stuck between the government and the Phantom Cats isn't the best place for any self-respecting action hero to be!

Written and illustrated by the mega-talented Akihiro Ito, Geobreeders is a high-octane slugfest that never runs short on action, thrills, and cute girls with machine guns!

224 pages
Black and White
CPM Manga
For All Ages
ISBN: 1-58664-864-0
UPC: 7-19987-00615-7-00411
Catalog: CMX 61504G

Kōichi Ōhata's Complete M.D. Geist
(Graphic Novel)

"...sure to appeal to collectors as well as sci-fi and anime fans...sensational artwork"
World of Fandom

Enter a future devastated by war, a future you'll probably live to see. Governments driven to the brink of destruction and the planet Jerra is in disarray. Amidst the turmoil a new type of hero emerges on a quest for vengeance and violence. Geist, born in the government laboratories of Earth, hungers for battle and power and no authority can stop him.

From the cybernetic mind of Kōichi Ōhata, CPM Comics proudly presents one of the greatest anti-heroes of all time - M.D. Geist.

192 pages
Full Color
CPM Comics
Suggested For Mature Readers
ISBN: 1-58664-858-6
UPC: 7-19987-00601-0-00111
Catalog: CMX 60101G

Nadesico Book Four
(Graphic Novel)

The hapless crew of the Nadesico is between the powerful Earth Federation forces and the mysterious Jupiterians. They have journeyed out to the planet Jupiter in hopes of rescuing Captain Yurika, but what they don't know is that she may not want to be rescued.

How can a lone battleship survive against the amassed power of two planets?
Don't miss the grand finale of Nadesico!

208 pages
Black and White
CPM Manga
For All Ages
ISBN: 1-58664-859-4
UPC: 7-19987-00624-9-00411
Catalog: CMX 62404G

Immoral Angel - Book Two: The Lemming Apostle
(Graphic Novel)

Remi has almost come to expect her existence to be torturous. Her former captor, Nekozo Kyuso, is now her professor and he's forcing her into sexual servitude under the pretense that if she doesn't comply, he'll release compromising pictures of her.

Will Remi ever escape?
How many more humiliations can she endure before she strikes back?
And what is the sinister Lemming Apostle?

176 pages
Black and White
Adults Only
ISBN: 1-58664-869-1
UPC: 7-19987-00622-5-00211
Catalog: CMX 62202G

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