AX 2002: Synch Point Panel

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Synch-Point focused on releasing current projects before making any new acquisitions

The Synch-Point panel was hosted by head translator Shizuki Yamashita.

Right off the bat it was made clear that many delays were due to recent corporate restructuring. Synch-Point is now officially a subsidiary of Broccoli, along with Anime Gamers (formerly OmochaBox). Although this information has been public for quite a while, it was the first time that any representative from Synch-Point has officially affirmed that they are a part of Broccoli.

Synch-Point had no new titles to announce, explaining that they are focused on getting their current titles out the door and finalyzing all aspects of their re-organization before licensing or announcing new titles.

The upcoming August 13th release of FLCL volume 1 will include various extras including director's commentary and a 20-page mini-booklet explaining many pop-cultural references. Included in the booklet will be pages that follow the lightning-speed manga scenes in the anime itself. Subsequent volumes will have similarly extensive inserts.

An interesting point mentioned in the dub (and presented in the short scene showed at the panel) was the retaining honorifics such as "-kun" and "-san". Also some word puns have been slightly rewritten to work in English, while most of the subtitle script will more closely follow the Japanese puns.

Release plans are currently centered around FLCL. Synch-Point plans to finish the rest of FLCL before moving on to the next volume of I'm Gonna Be An Angel.

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