AX 2002: GONZO Panel

posted on 2002-07-07 12:33 EDT by George Phillips
What's up the sleeve of one of the best anime-producing companies this year?

Producer Murahama lead the Gonzo Panel, which showcased trailers for their new titles, "Saishu Heiki Kanojo" and "Yukikaze". However, the panel primarily focused on their 2001 titles, and Yukikaze.

Some of Gonzo's 2001 productions included Real Bout High School, Final Fantasy Unlimited, Zeion (also known as "i wish you were here") and Vandread.

Contrary to rumors, Hllsing has no current plans for a second season, although a number of the staff would like to continue the work. The 3rd OVA for Gatekeepers 21 is entering production, and its director has been announced as Junichi Sato. The remaining 3 OVAs should be out in the near future.

Yukikaze uses the same animation technology first created for use with Blue Seed #6. CG airplanes and missles zoomed across the screen as Murahama described the enhanced technology. Based on the reaction of the audience, it seems anyone disappointed with Blue Sub #6's animation will be highly pleased with the incredibly sharp and detailed animation Yukikaze provides.

Some of Gonzo's other 2002-2003 titles include Gad Gad, Gravion, Kiddie Grade and Exile. Unfortunately, most of these titles are still in production and so only a little information can be given out. However Gonzo did note that Gravion is a 26 episode series, and Exile is 24 episodes.

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