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posted on 2002-07-09 18:53 EDT by Christopher Macdonald
G-Gundam is 49 episodes, first 3 DVDs will contain 4 Episodes Each.

Following an enquiry on ANN's forum, we have done some research and concluded that our June 29th article about release dates was incorrect when it stated that the upcoming G-Gundam boxed set would include the entire G-Gundam TV series.

Yes, Bandai will be releasing a G-Gundam boxed set with the first 3 G-Gundam DVDs (also available seperately) on November 5th, however the boxed set will not include the entire 49 episode TV series. Each of the 3 DVDs will include 4 episodes and the box will only hold the first 3 DVDs, there will not be room for the remaining 9 volumes (there will be a total of 12 DVDs for this series), however there will be 3 more boxed sets of 3 DVDs each.

Mobile Fighter G Gundam
V.1 Episodes 1-4 - $19.98
V.2 Episodes 5-8 - $19.98
V.3 Episodes 9-12 - $19.98
BOX SET 1 (Contains V.1-3) - $49.98

Anime News Network regrets the error.

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