Otakon 2002: Pioneer Music Panel

posted on by George Phillips
Domestic Para Para!

The music division of Pioneer Entertainment has announced it is entering the North American anime soundtrack market.

Four anime soundtracks are currently available or will be made available shortly through all channels, including store sales. They are Armitage: Dual-Matrix; 2-CD set, MSRP US$20.98) Tenchi Muyo! TV; Tenchi The Movie (English-language songs sung by Christopher Franke) (all three MSRP $26.98) and Ah! My Goddess movie (MSRP $20.98). Other CD's to be released include "Lupin the Dance: Hyper Groove Energy" and Cowboy Bebop box set containing three full CD's and a single at an MSRP of around $130. However, Pioneer representatives stated they would like to see it on sale at a price point of approximately $100 through online distributors. A long-term release schedule is also under development.

In addition, Pioneer has licensed and will be releasing all eight Ultra Anime Eurobeat Series - ParaPara Max CD's of remixes of anime themes sung by Yoko Ishida. The MSRP on all of them is set at $19.98.

(written by Mikhail Koulikov)

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