Porco Rosso is it

posted on 2003-05-22 10:37 EDT
Several reliable sites state that next Ghibli Film is Porco Rosso

Thank you for several people who mailed is with details showing that the Miyazaki film being voiced by Susan Egan is Porco Rosso. Her website actually states on the biography page, "And now Egan is recording the English translation for another Miyazaki film, “Porko Rosso,” which will be released on DVD during the holidays of 2003."

Ain't it Cool has also stated that the next Miyazaki Film is Porco Rosso.

Assuming all this is correct, the role she would be playing is Gina, who runs the nightclub. Her part is the only part where there's singing involved.

While even the mention on Egan's website is not concrete, it is reasonable to assume that Porco Rosso was the next Miyazaki movie to be done by Disney. Of the remaining Miyazaki films, Disney has not yet released Totoro, Nausicaa and Porco Rosso. The rights to Totoro belong to Fox until 2004, and Disney is unlikely to release Nausicaa until sometime after a region 2 DVD has been released in Japan. That only leaves Porco Rosso.

Thank you to Kenji Ishii, Wilfred Hernandez, Tenchi and Kumi Kaoru.

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