English Nausicaä dub in the works

posted on by Jonathan Mays
And Porco Rosso DVD due in 2004, Whisper of the Heart Translation complete.

Wesley Brown has e-mailed us with important news from the Porco Rosso premiere that he attended on Tuesday.

Cindy Hewitt and Donald Hewitt the english language adapators for Porco Rosso and Spirited Away were present at the screening. Amongst the items they mentioned, they stated that the English language dub for Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind is currently in progress. Patrick Stewart and Uma Thurman will be part of the cast, and Natalie Portman is expected to be in the dub as well, though it is not yet confirmed.

They also mentioned that Porco Rosso should be released on DVD next April (2004). Unfortunately they also stated that the Austin Texas screening was probably the first, last and only theatrical screening of Porco Rosso.

Finally, they also mentioned that the translation of Whisper of the Heart has been completed, but that there is some sort of unspecified problem with one of the songs.

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