Ironcat titles delayed indefinitely

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Diamond Previews catalog shows Ironcat titles "cancelled by publisher."

The January 2004 edition of Diamond Comics' Previews catalog lists 34 Studio Ironcat releases in its cancellation section. Each title is marked with a "4- cancelled by publisher" code.

Original Solicitation Date: January 2003
Black Crow graphic novel
Heartcore #1 GN (adult)
You and Me #2 GN

You and Me #3 GN

The Part Timer GN (adult)
You and Me #4 GN

You and Me #5 GN

You and Me #6 GN

I Love You #1 GN (adult)
Ogenki Clinic #8 (Super Sexcapades)
Real Life: The Complete Year One Collection GN
Ren-Ai #1 GN
You and Me #7 GN

Labyrinth Circus #1 GN (MR)
Central City #2 GN
You and Me #8 GN

Nanaka 6/17 #1 GN
Ren-Ai #2 GN
Super Gag Family GN


A.I. Revolution #1 GN
Dragon Fist #2 GN
Yui Kanonsho #1 GN


A.I. Revolution #2 trade paperback
A.I. Revolution #3 TP
Dragon Fist #3 TP (MR)
How to Catch an Angel #1 GN
Nanaka 6/17 #2 TP
Nanaka 6/17 #3 TP
No Bra #1 TP
No Bra #2 TP
Ogenki Clinic #9 TP (adult)
Ren-Ai #3 GN
Yui Kanonsho #2 TP

You and Me #1 GN

Studio Ironcat's Steve Bennett tells ANN the above titles have been "postponed for the time being."

"Currently we are working on the Miyu #5, Hanaukyo Maid Team #2, Yui Kanonsho 1-2, Charmer #1, and The Wanderer #1 graphic novels, along with reprints of Futaba #1-2."

Bennett says the only titles that will not be printed "anytime soon" are Central City, Real Life, and Amerimanga.

"Everything else will in due course be available as soon as possible." He also encourages individuals to e-mail Studio Ironcat with any questions.

ANN contacted Diamond for clarification on the "4 - cancelled by publisher" code, and the company is currently researching why the 4 code was printed instead of "2 - will resolicit."

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