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posted on 2004-03-22 15:40 EST by Christopher Macdonald
New Toonami Schedule Premieres on April 17th

On Saturday April 17th, the new Saturday Toonami block will premiere. Running from 7pm to 2am the 7 hour block will be almost exclusively anime, with the few shows not produced in Japan restricted to shows that are heavily influenced by anime (ie: Teen Titans and Samurai Jack).

Included in the schedule, on Saturday April 24th Dragonball Z: Lord Slug , the DBZ movie that Cartoon Network had previously skipped, will be aired.

April 17:

7.0PM: Duel Masters (#106 Episode 6)
7.5PM: Transformers: Energon (#12 Crisis of Jungle City)
9.5PM: Gundam SEED
11.5PM: Dragonball Z (#195 The World Tournament)
12.0AM: .hack//SIGN (#6 Encounter)
12.5AM: Knights of the Zodiac (#33 Sightless Dragon's Tears)
1.0AM: Teen Titans (#6 Nevermore)
1.5AM: Cyborg 009 (#19 The Hero)

April 24:

7.0PM: Duel Masters (#107 Episode 7)
7.5PM: Transformers: Energon (#13 The Enemy is After Kicker)
8.0PM: MOVIE (Dragonball Z: Lord Slug)
9.5PM: Gundam SEED
10.0PM: MOVIE (Dragonball Z: Lord Slug)
11.5PM: Dragonball Z (#196 Trunks Vs. Goten)
12.0AM: .hack//SIGN (#7 Reason)
12.5AM: Knights of the Zodiac (#34 Farewell, Comrade)
1.0AM: Teen Titans (#7 Switched)
1.5AM: Cyborg 009 (#20 A Phantom Dog)

May 1:

7.0PM: Duel Masters (#108 Episode Eight)
7.5PM: Transformers: Energon (#1 Cybertron City)
8.0PM: Dragonball GT (#16 A Grand Problem)
8.5PM: Rave Master
9.0PM: Megas XLR (#1 Test Drive)
9.5PM: Megas XLR (#2 Battle Royale - The Most Dangerous Game)
10.0PM: MOVIE: Sanurai Jack: The Legend Begins
11.5PM: Dragonball Z (#197 Best of the Boys)
12.0AM: .hack//SIGN (#8 Promise)
12.5AM: Knights of the Zodiac (#35 Seiya's Journey of Hope)
1.0AM: Teen Titans (#8 Deep Six)
1.5AM: Cyborg 009 (#21 Fossils of Evil)

Note: This scedule is accurate as of March 22nd, Cartoon Network may make changes.

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