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Toonami Saturday Schedule

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
New Toonami Schedule Premieres on April 17th

On Saturday April 17th, the new Saturday Toonami block will premiere. Running from 7pm to 2am the 7 hour block will be almost exclusively anime, with the few shows not produced in Japan restricted to shows that are heavily influenced by anime (ie: Teen Titans and Samurai Jack).

Included in the schedule, on Saturday April 24th Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug , the DBZ movie that Cartoon Network had previously skipped, will be aired.

April 17:

7.0PM: Duel Masters (#106 Episode 6)
7.5PM: Transformers: Energon (#12 Crisis of Jungle City)
9.5PM: Gundam Seed
11.5PM: Dragon Ball Z (#195 The World Tournament)
12.0AM: .hack//SIGN (#6 Encounter)
12.5AM: Knights of the Zodiac (#33 Sightless Dragon's Tears)
1.0AM: Teen Titans (#6 Nevermore)
1.5AM: Cyborg 009 (#19 The Hero)

April 24:

7.0PM: Duel Masters (#107 Episode 7)
7.5PM: Transformers: Energon (#13 The Enemy is After Kicker)
8.0PM: MOVIE (Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug)
9.5PM: Gundam Seed
10.0PM: MOVIE (Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug)
11.5PM: Dragon Ball Z (#196 Trunks Vs. Goten)
12.0AM: .hack//SIGN (#7 Reason)
12.5AM: Knights of the Zodiac (#34 Farewell, Comrade)
1.0AM: Teen Titans (#7 Switched)
1.5AM: Cyborg 009 (#20 A Phantom Dog)

May 1:

7.0PM: Duel Masters (#108 Episode Eight)
7.5PM: Transformers: Energon (#1 Cybertron City)
8.0PM: Dragon Ball GT (#16 A Grand Problem)
8.5PM: Rave Master
9.0PM: Megas XLR (#1 Test Drive)
9.5PM: Megas XLR (#2 Battle Royale - The Most Dangerous Game)
10.0PM: MOVIE: Sanurai Jack: The Legend Begins
11.5PM: Dragon Ball Z (#197 Best of the Boys)
12.0AM: .hack//SIGN (#8 Promise)
12.5AM: Knights of the Zodiac (#35 Seiya's Journey of Hope)
1.0AM: Teen Titans (#8 Deep Six)
1.5AM: Cyborg 009 (#21 Fossils of Evil)

Note: This scedule is accurate as of March 22nd, Cartoon Network may make changes.

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