Ebert not impressed by Howl

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Generally favorable towards anime, Roger Ebert cannot recommend Howl's Moving Castle

While Roger Ebert has always had good things to say about past Miyazaki movies, his review for Howl's Moving Castle was a less favorable two and a half stars. He still had some good things to say: "I can't recommend the film, and yet I know if you admire Miyazaki as much I do you'll want to see it, anyway. When his movies are working and on those rare occasions when they are not, Miyazaki nevertheless is a master who, frame by frame, creates animated compositions of wonderment."

In his reviews of Miyazaki's previous two films, Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away, Ebert gave them both 4 stars.

Other anime Ebert has reviewed include Ghost in the Shell (3 stars), The Wings of Honneamise (3 stars) and Pokemon: The First Movie G (2 stars).

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