Gedo Senki US Release in Jeopardy

posted on 2006-10-17 10:36 EDT by Jonathan Mays
Earthsea author calls out Sci Fi Channel for sitting on rights

Goro Miyazaki's Gedo Senki (Tales of Earthsea) may not see a US release until at least 2009, according to Earthsea author Ursula K. Le Guin. “Mr. Miyazaki's movie won't be shown as long as the Sci-Fi Channel people sit on their rights, which they have until '09, unless they decide to stop being a dog in the manger,” she tells the New York Times.

The Sci Fi Channel aired a live action Tales of Earthsea series in 2004. According to the article, representatives from the Sci-Fi Channel did not respond to calls seeking a comment.

Gedo Senki was Japan's highest grossing film this summer, bringing in more than $60 million in the box office.

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