Blue Dragon to be Toriyama's Final Anime?

posted on by George Phillips
Toriyama discusses Blue Dragon game and anime series

Last week, Akira Toriyama (Creator of Dragonball) and Hironobu Sakaguchi (Final Fantasy) appeared at Tokyo Anime Fair to discuss the Blue Dragon anime, which is based off of the XBox360 game of the same name. During an interview with Anime Supervisor Yukihiro Matsushita, Toriyama made the remark "This may be my final anime."

Toriyama said the following regarding Blue Dragon: "The offer to direct an animated version of Blue Dragon came in February of last year. Studio Pierrot approached me regarding it. I knew that Sakaguchi had been working on assembling staff to produce a game, although at the time Blue Dragon hadn't yet been formally announced. According to the materials, it was to be a fantasy world like "Lord of the Rings", with a detailed world view and story."

"This may be my final anime, I'm a little worried (about it). There's incredible pressure, but at the same time, there's a sense of accomplishment -- that it's worth doing. Blue Dragon will be a masterpiece, not simply because I'm working hard on it, but because the staff is expecting nothing less."

Blue Dragon will begin airing on TV Tokyo on April 7th.

Source: Mantanweb

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