Gackt to Release Album of Gundam Songs

posted on by Evan Miller
0079-0088 scheduled for December 19 release

According to an announcement released today, popular Japanese rock artist Gackt will release an album composed solely of songs from various Mobile Suit Gundam robotic mecha anime on December 19.

The album, which will be called 0079-0088 in reference to the fictional timeline of the first two major wars in Gundam, will include the five songs that Gackt recorded for the Mobile Suit Z Gundam film trilogy in 2005 (such as "Metamorphoze," pictured right), as well as covers of three songs from the first three Gundam films released in the early 1980s. The three cover songs from the Gundam films that are confirmed to appear on the album are "Cross of Sand" (originally performed by Takajin Yashiki), "Soldiers of Sorrow," and "Encounter" (both originally performed by Daisuke Inoue).

Gackt made the announcement on November 5 as a birthday present to Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino, who was reportedly thrilled to hear the news on his 66th birthday. "These songs will move the hearts of all Gundam fans," said Gackt. He added, "For Director Tomino, I think it was an unforgettable birthday present. As a Gundam fan, I can safely say that there's nothing better than hearing that."

Source: Daily Sports

Image © Gackt, Nippon Crown Records

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