Macross F Sequel's Promotional Video Posted

posted on by Egan Loo
On November 10, the official Japanese website for the Macross robot anime franchise has posted the promotional video for Macross F (Frontier), the sequel television series that is scheduled for 2008. Much of the footage had originally screened in an earlier cut shown during the Macross 25th Anniversary Live: Minmay meets Fire Bomber concert on August 18. The two-minute video lists the staff credits and shows the three main characters (budding singer Ranka Lee, pilot trainee Alto Saotome, and idol star Sheryl Nome) as well as the Macross Frontier fleet and VF-25 variable fighter. Macross co-creator Shoji Kawamori, Macross Plus composer Yoko Kanno, and Macross Zero's animation studio Satelight are working on the project.

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