Gundam-Inspired Bar Previewed in Tokyo's Otaku District

posted on 2007-12-18 13:40 EST by Egan Loo
Zeon bar packed with patrons ordering items named after anime icons

The AkibaBlog Japanese blog reports on the December 15 preview of Zeon, one of two drinking bars inspired by the Gundam anime franchise that is opening in Tokyo's Akihabara otaku district. The female "operators" on staff wore t-shirts with the signature mono-eye of the Zeon mobile suit robots in the anime. The report said that the bar was mostly full even during the preview day. The staff greeted patrons with shouts of "Welcome to Zeon" and "Party of two, now enlisting," while a projector played scenes from the first Gundam anime project. Among the first customers was a person who cosplayed as Ghiren Zabi, one of the top leaders in the Zeon faction.

The menus (designed in the image of the Gundam robot's instruction manual, except re-colored red and emblazoned with the Zeon insignia) offered drinks named after mobile suit nicknames such as the Black Trinary (three small glasses of cocktails) and the Red Comet. The dishes included "Gouf's Heat Rod": squid entrails named after the robot's signature whip-like weapon. All dishes can be ordered in Char's Special size, which offers three times the portions.

The Federation Forces bar one floor above the Zeon Bar was decorated in blue instead of red and the "operators" wore Federation Forces t-shirts there.

Source: Gunota Headlines

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