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Mandala 02 World Manga to Ship in Japan on March 21

posted on by Egan Loo
Gō Nagai, Blame!'s Nihei, artists from 8 nations in Kodansha's full-color volume

Issue 15 (released on March 13) of Kodansha's Morning manga magazine announced that the Mandala 02 collection of Japanese and world manga will be published on March 21. (Kodansha published the first Mandala collection last March.) Not only will this new 290-page volume be bigger (20 milimeters larger than A4 paper size, or roughly North American "Letter" size), but it will be in full color. 15 creators from eight countries contributed to this project, including 10 artists who returned from the first Mandala volume.

Manga and anime legend Gō Nagai (Cutey Honey, Devilman, Mazinger Z) will reprise his Akuma Kishi (Devil Knight) manga from the first Mandala. Relative newcomer Tsutomu Nihei will be contributing Blame!², a spinoff from his Blame! manga that Tokyopop is publishing in North America. Japan's King Gonta (Sangai no Susa), Italy's Palumobo (CUT versus BULLDOG), and France's Sera (Bar) will return with works based on their previous Mandala contributions.

The following is the list of this year's artists and their works:

Artist (Nationality) Title
Benjamin (Chinese) Kyūseishu (Savior)
King Gonta (Japanese) Sangai no Susa
Tsutomu Nihei (Japanese) Blame!²
Gō Nagai (Japanese) Akuma Kishi (Devil Knight)
Yūki Izumi (Japanese) Ghost Tail Ostrakon
FSc (Singaporean) Ejiki no Game (Prey's Game)
Palumobo (Italian) CUT versus BULLDOG
De Luca (Italian) Pickman no Model
Sanami Suzuki (Japanese) Hanji Doori
Boichi (Korean) DIADEM
Sera (French) Bar
NEMIRI (French) Kagami no Kuni no Alice (Through the Looking-Glass)
Ana&Matz Ninin Shimai (Two Sisters)
Schultheiss (German) Kawa o Yuku Onna (The Woman Who Crossed the River)

Source: Muhyojo

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