Bandai Entertainment Clarifies Statements on DVDs

posted on by Egan Loo
Uncut Gurren Lagann episode 6 on DVD, My-Otome Zwei on one disc, more

Bandai Entertainment representatives verified ANN's reports on their panels during California's FanimeCon convention last weekend, but has since clarified some points this week.

• Gurren Lagann
There are two versions of episode 6 that were released in Japan. While America's Sci Fi Channel will run the television version of episode 6 that originally aired in Japan, Bandai Entertainment's first English-subtitled DVD release in July will have the uncut DVD version. The bilingual release will have both versions.

• My-Otome Zwei
Bandai Entertainment's release will have all four episodes on one DVD, not one per DVD. The regular edition will be US$29.98, while the special edition will be US$49.98 with bonus extras.

• Toward the Terra
There will be three US$34.95 DVD bundle collections with eight episodes each. There will also be six regular DVDs. Both versions will be English-subbed only.

Bandai Entertainment also added more details about two other anime series:

• Ghost Slayers Ayashi
There will be three separate releases on September 9: the first collector bundle (of three) with episodes 1 through 10 for US$39.98, the first regular DVD volume (of six) with five episodes, and the second regular DVD volume with five more episodes.

• Rocket Girls
The entire series will be released in one English-subbed volume for US$49.98.

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