Ontama! Manga Reportedly Gets Net Anime Adaptation (Update 2)

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Mention of Nico Nico anime removed from current Yahoo! Books Japan listing

The Yahoo! Books Japan website listed an anime adaptation for story creator Noboru Maeda ("Hurricanes") and manga artist Dan Yoshii's Ontama! manga on June 19. However, the current version of Yahoo! Books Japan's listing for the manga's second volume removed the mention of the anime adaptation. According to the June 19 listing, the green-lit anime will be distributed online on the Nico Nico Channel this summer. "Hurricanes" Maeda is a comedian who voiced characters in the Onegai My Melody television anime series and the Netrun-mon the Movie anime video.

The manga's story centers around Ichigo, a fourth-grade girl who lives with her gentle-hearted mother and stepfather. Worried about the discord between her parents, she wishes "to meet my real father!" and she is suddenly taken before her real father in the past. Now, she tries to keep her real father and mother together while building friendships in school. This "parallel family" manga ran in Wani Books' Comic Gum magazine until this year's June issue, and the second and final compiled book volume is being published.

Source: 2channel

Update: More background information added.

Update 2: The wraparound jacket band on the second volume of the manga has confirmed the news. Source: 2channel, Moon Phase Comments

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