Sentai Filmworks Adds Clannad After Story, Ghost Hound, He is My Master (Updated)

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Popotan, A Little Snow Fairy Sugar also to be released in October

Sentai Filmworks, the licensing firm associated with ADV Films, has informed retailers that it will be releasing the following DVDs in October:

Clannad After Story, He is My Master and Ghost Hound will be released subtitled only.

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar and Popotan had previously been released on DVD in North America by Geneon Entertainment. Both titles had been previously dubbed into English and ADV / Sentai Filmworks will be releasing them with English audio.

At the same time retailers were informed of two October releases from Switchblade Films:

  • Zombie Self-Defense Force
  • Fistful of Fuku

Also due in October from ADV Films:

  • RahXephon Complete Collection
  • Neo Tokyo / New Fist of the North Star Double Pack
  • Kiba Complete Collection

Update: Release links, details and additional releases added.

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