Yellow's Makoto Tateno, Madhouse China Exec Interviewed

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The Graphic Novel Reporter website interviewed shojo and boy's-love manga creator Makoto Tateno (Yellow, Steal Moon) when she attended Yaoi-Con in October. In the interview, Tateno speculated that more and more people will draw their own boy's-love stories, and as a result, more of these stories will be published. She also said that she thinks realistic yaoi manga will not become a trend, "because girls like fiction more than realism." Tateno added that she thinks more personification-type boy's-love stories will become more popular.

Tateno commented on the popularity of her manga Yellow in the United States, and added she enjoyed meeting her American fans because they are "more outgoing."

Digital Manga Publishing announced at Yaoi-Con that it would release Tateno's Koyoi wa Kimi to Chi no Kiss o (A Bloody Kiss Tonight) manga.

In a separate development, Chinanet recently interviewed Kazuo Obara, CFO of the Beijing office of the Madhouse anime company, regarding the difficulties of the anime industry. In the interview, Obara commented on the stagnating anime industry, and said "the time has come for the Japanese animation industry to revise its thinking and devise a better business model for a new age." Obara noted that, if properly trained, Chinese animators could produce a new era in animation, but that there were still many roadblocks to overcome — mainly time. "China doesn't have the luxury of taking as long of a time as Japan did to become good at animation," Obara said. "They need to push onto the world stage immediately."

Sources: Graphic Novel Reporter via Manga Blog, Searchina via AltJapan

Update: Koyoi wa Kimi to Chi no Kiss o's spelling corrected. Thanks, Cait.

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