Tow Ubukata's Tenchi Meisatsu Historical Novel Gets Film

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Story of Edo-era mathematician by Le Chevalier D'Eon/Fafner/Mardock Scramble creator

Kadokawa Group Publishing printed an ad in the Friday edition of the Asahi Shimbun paper that announced that a film adaptation of Tow Ubukata's historical novel Tenchi Meisatsu has been green-lit. In the story, the real-life Edo-era mathematician Shunkai Shibukawa pursues a project that alters his life as much as it alters Japanese culture — the creation of Japan's own lunar calendar system.

Unlike the neighboring ad that promotes the anime adaptation of Yukito Ayatsuji's horror novel Another, the Tenchi Meisatsu ad does not indicate if the Tenchi Meisatsu film will be live-action or animated. Kadokawa published Tenchi Meisatsu in November of last year. The novel has since won the 31st Yoshikawa Eiji Bungaku Shinjinshō (the literary award named after the acclaimed historical novelist Eiji Yoshikawa) and first place in the 7th Honya Taishō (the literary awards given by Japanese bookstore representatives).

Besides Tenchi Meisatsu, Ubukata created the stories behind the Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor, Le Chevalier D'Eon, Heroic Age, Pilgrim Jäger, and Mardock Scramble anime and manga projects. VIz Media is publishing Ubukata's Mardock Scramble novel in North America.

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