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Toei Animation Breaks Down 2011 Earnings by Franchise

posted on by Egan Loo
One Piece, Pretty Cure top domestic licenses; Dragon Ball, One Piece are highest overseas

On Thursday, the Japanese studio Toei Animation announced its earnings report for the current fiscal year's second quarter, which ended in September. Not only is the studio reporting the highest revenues for the first half of a fiscal year in its history, but it is projecting an all-time high for revenues for the entire year.

Toei broke down how much revenue its various franchises are bringing in so far this year:

Domestic Licensing Top 4 (2nd Quarter)

One Piece 2.380 billion yen US$31.4 million
Pretty Cure 425 million yen US$5.61 million
Dragon Ball 148 million yen US$1.95 million
Toriko 144 million yen US$1.90 million
All Franchises 4.736 billion yen US$62.51 million

Overseas Film/TV/Video Releases Top 4 (2nd Quarter)

One Piece 427 million yen US$5.63 million
Dragon Ball 372 million yen US$4.91 million
Sailor Moon 68 million yen US$899,000
Saint Seiya 34 million yen US$449,000
All Franchises 1.271 billion yen US$16.78 million

Overseas Licensing Top 4 (2nd Quarter)

Dragon Ball 122 million yen US$1.61 million
One Piece 94 million yen US$1.24 million
Saint Seiya 61 million yen US$805,000
Pretty Cure 18 million yen US$238,000
All Franchises 399 million yen US$5.26 million

* Although these figures are for the second quarter, they include first quarter's revenues as well.

For comparison, Toei also posted the revenues, broken down by franchise, for the previous fiscal year. (Fiscal Year 2011 ran from April 2010 to March 2011.)

Domestic Licensing Top 4 (Fiscal Year 2011)

One Piece 3.339 billion yen US$44.9 million
Pretty Cure 1.252 billion yen US$16.5 million
Dragon Ball 343 million yen US$4.53 million
Digimon 112 million yen US$1.48 million
All Franchises 8.263 billion yen US$109.1 million

Overseas Film/TV/Video Releases Top 4 (Fiscal Year 2011)

Dragon Ball 1.285 billion yen US$16.96 million
One Piece 615 million yen US$8.12 million
Pretty Cure 78 million yen US$1.0 million
Saint Seiya 62 million yen US$818,000
All Franchises 2.336 billion yen US$30.84 million

Overseas Licensing Top 4 (Fiscal Year 2011)

Dragon Ball 379 million yen US$5.00 million
One Piece 156 million yen US$2.06 million
Saint Seiya 113 million yen US$1.49 million
Pretty Cure 46 million yen US$607,000
All Franchises 604 million yen US$7.97 million

Toei also confirmed that its previously announced Niji-Iro Hotaru anime film is still in production. It also confirmed that its CG staff is working on the recently green-lit Saint Seiya film and this December's "One Piece 3D Gekisō! Trap Coaster" event short.

Source: animeanime.biz

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