Anime on Demand Domain Relocated

posted on by Andrew Osmond
New site due to launch on Monday.

The Anime-on-Demand domain now redirects to Kaze's webservers, instead of to those of Anime News Network. As of 8.15 p.m. on Friday December 16, the page showed an announcement saying that the website was in maintenance and would be back up soon.

Contacted by ANN, Anime on Demand released the following message: "Sorry for the abrupt change in details folks, we're in the process of switching to the new site over the weekend and didn't expect the switchover of URLs to be quite as quick as it was. If you're getting a message that you're outside of the UK, don't worry – it's a default screen when we've locked everyone barring admin out.

"We'll be emailing all current subscribers temporary passwords that work with the same username on Monday when the new site launches – in the meantime accept our apologies for the outage and know it's for a good reason!

"See you all on the flipside on Monday!"

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