Comedian Tekken Animates Oha Girl Idols' Music Video

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1st color work by artist of Muse's "Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3 (Redemption)" video

Japanese comedian and "flip-book manga" artist Tekken will draw his first colorized animation as a music video for the Oha-Girl Chu!Chu!Chu! idol group. The idols are performing "Sayonara no Kawari Ni 2013" (Instead of Farewell 2013) as their "graduation" song.

This video is the first time that Tekken will work with the middle school idol group. The idols perform on Oha Suta, the same children's television program on which Tekken has regularly appeared for the past decade. Tekken and animators are drawing the video which expresses the feelings for those who will graduate, leave their homes, and start a new phase of life. The video will debut simultaneously around the world on February 13.

Tekken is well known for his collaboration with the British rock band Muse. He created a three-minute "manga" animation titled "Pendulum" for the Muse song "Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3 (Redemption)." Muse saw the video and asked Tekken to create the full, official music video for the song:

Natsumi Okamoto, Yuuna Taira, and Hinako Kikkawa formed the Oha-Girl Chu!Chu!Chu! group on the Oha Suta show last February. The premise of the group is "idols you can meet every morning" (a reference to the AKB48 group's concept of "idols you can meet"). They got their big break when their second single "Koisho!!!" reached #4 on Oricon's daily ranking chart.

The song in the music video, "Sayonara no Kawari Ni," originally debuted in 2000 through Oha-Gumi (voice actor Kouichi Yamadera, Becky, and others), another group on the Oha Suta program. It has often been used as a cover song by idol groups such as Morning Musume. The new cover song sung by OhaGirl Chu!Chu!Chu! for 2013 will go on sale as a double A-side single "Koakumarun Desu"/"Sayonara no Kawari Ni 2013" on February 19.

Source: Oricon

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