Bakemonogatari Blu-ray Release in August and September (Updated)

posted on by Andrew Osmond
Blu-ray will come after DVD release, due in June and July.

The MVM Blu-ray edition of the television anime Bakemonogatari is now listed on the anime-on-line website, with Part 1 due on August 26 and Part 2 on September 23. The cover picture is taken from the anime-on-line site.

MVM has acquired both Bakemonogatari and its sequel Nisemonogatari for DVD and Blu-ray. Bakemonogatari adapts NisiOisin's Bakemonogatari light novels. The short stories in NisiOisin's two volumes of Bakemonogatari deal with a high school boy named Koyomi Araragi and strange students he encounters. ("Bakemonogatari" is a wordplay on the Japanese term bakemono for supernatural creatures and the term monogatari for stories.) The series originally aired in Japan in 2009, followed by Nisemonogatari in 2010.

Update - MVM had previously said that its two-part DVD edition is scheduled for June 10 (Part 1) and July 8 (Part 2). However, UK Anime Network reports that Part 1 has been moved back to June 17.

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